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Protecting Hannah Pets from Pesky Pests.

Your Hannah medical team works with you to create a specific and customized course of action to ensure the health and well being of your Hannah Pet. And parasite prevention is no different. In order to properly protect your Pet against parasites such as fleas, ticks, heartworm disease and intestinal worms, we will do an individual evaluation.

Based upon this evaluation, your Hannah veterinarian will prescribe parasite treatment and/or prevention that will keep your pet protected, without over-prescribing treatment.

If parasite prevention is needed, we offer parasite protection at the best price available with FREE delivery to your home!

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I recommended Hannah to (who currently spends hundreds per month on behavior classes for her dog), didn't subscribe because she was freaked out to have them 'own' her dog. I think that's silly, and an unfortunate financial decision for her. They do not repossess pets. And if I don't like or want the service any longer, I can always choose to opt out.

Teresa B.
Hannah Member Since April 2017