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Hannah Motherly Inspiration for Hannah Pet Hospital
Hannah Motherly Inspiration for Hannah Pet Hospital

Hannah Pet Hospital was founded in late 2010 by Scott Campbell, DVM, and a group of other veterinarians and Pet lovers to help remove the primary barriers to having a Pet in the home -- affordability, behavior problems and bad matching -- and to stop Pets from needlessly being put to sleep in shelters or for cost reasons. Prior to founding Hannah, Dr. Campbell founded and built Banfield Pet Hospitals into a company having 750 of the best Veterinary Hospitals in the world, before selling that company to Mars, Inc. in 2007.

While at Banfield, Dr Campbell created Wellness Plans, which helped promote preventive Pet care, and developed a number of hospital efficiencies which reduced the costs of service for Banfield clients. However, Wellness Plans do not cover the costs of caring for injuries or illnesses, and the traditional vet care model of fee for service too often results in a Pet Parent having to face difficult choices when their Pet needs a medical treatment that the Pet Parent cannot afford.

To address these concerns, while at Banfield, Dr. Campbell created a Pet Insurance Company that would enable clients to pay a fixed monthly price for all emergency and illness care. However, because under the law, a Pet is viewed as a piece of "property" (which we all know is not true), the insurance was treated as "property and casualty insurance" and subject to all of the property and casualty insurance rules and regulations of all 50 states. The costs associated with compliance with these regulations was up to $40-$50 per month, not $1 of which was going to the care of the Pet, and resulted in the monthly cost of the insurance to the client being extremely high, even taking into account the co-pays, deductibles, limits and exclusions necessary to make the program economical to the company. As a result the insurance program was abandoned.

The Hannah Promise

The Hannah Promise

Hannah Members partner with us to provide every Hannah Pet with the best quality of life possible.

Hannah promises to:

  • Always do our best to help each Hannah Pet live the longest, healthiest life possible.
  • Always collaborate with the Pet-Parent on the Pet’s care, to keep the Hannah Pet part of their family.
  • Always recommend what we think is best for each Pet’s quality of life and for the family.
  • Never recommend unnecessary care for a Hannah Pet.
  • Never withhold necessary care for a Pet in order to save us money.
  • Support each Member’s right to get a second opinion, and help members to find a non-Hannah specialist or pharmacy (at their cost) if a Member so chooses.
  • Never take a Hannah Pet away from a Hannah Member.
  • Never put a Pet to sleep without the express consent of the Pet-Parent, always keeping the Pet’s best interest in mind.
  • Clearly, openly and fully answer any and all questions about our Hannah Membership Agreement.
Hannah Membership Benefits

Philosophy & Oath

Hannah Pets visit us twice as often as other veterinary practices... Because they can, and we like it that way.

Early veterinary care = healthier Pets.

Hannah offers a better, all-inclusive, worry-free, predictable, affordable approach to veterinary care.

Hannah Team Oath

We promise to:

  • Treat all Pet Parents and their Pets like family
  • Never recommend unnecessary care
  • Recommend what's BEST for every Pet and family, every time
  • Provide care efficiently and lovingly
  • Always deliver this promise to the best of our ability without regard to cost
Hannah Membership Benefits

Our Unique Pet Care Model

Thousands of families trust Hannah Pet Hospital with all of the medical care for the Pets they love. In fact, many Hannah Members have told us that they wouldn't be able to have a Pet without Hannah.

However, Hannah is a new, unique Pet care model and it isn't a perfect fit for every Pet Parent. Hannah may be right for you, if:

1. You are willing to consider new ideas and try things that could help the Pet you love live a better life, even if you've never considered those ideas before.

2. You view your Pet as part of your family and recognize that your love is the key to that relationship - just like you have with every other family member. In other words, the Pet you love is more than ""just property"" to you though you realize they are legally defined as personal property.

3. You agree that almost everybody would take better care of Pets if care was more convenient and affordable.

Hannah Pet Hospital recognizes that a $3000 - $5000 veterinary bill can and does happen. It can cause substantial hardship for a Pet's family, and forces many Pet-Parents to consider, and sometimes make, horrible, life-ending decisions for the Pet. In other words, most folks cannot easily afford a big, unexpected veterinary expense, but that shouldn't be something they have to worry about or let that keep them from adding a Pet to the family. Hannah was created to provide a solution for families - affordably. However, if you are already getting all the preventive care and training that your Pet needs, and are comfortable with the risk of a big, unexpected expense , and don't need or want a more cost effective solution - then Hannah may not be right for you.

Please take a few moments to review our Membership Agreement.

Membership Agreement


What Our Members Say About Hannah


High quality, 100% FULL COVERAGE care with no deductibles, limits, exclusions or co-pays - and at an affordable price of $61/month! True peace of mind! In the short 11 months we have been on the plan, my dog has already had a total of 14 appointments...and 3 of the appointments were actually surgeries...I've only paid my monthly membership fee which totals to $671.00 to date - that's a huge savings of 93%! THANK YOU HANNAH!!

Levi E.
Hannah Member Since March 2017