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Total Lifetime Nutrition™ (TLN™) Dog Food

Good nutrition starts with better ingredients!

Hannah Members can elect to have FREE delivery of high quality food (and litter for Hannah cats, guinea pigs, and bunnies) right to your door!*

For Hannah dogs, you can receive our proprietary Total Lifetime Nutrition™ food (TLN™). TLN™ is made right here in Portland by a national manufacturer of organic soups and other natural human foods, and typically is delivered to your door within 14 days of it being made. Here is the TLN difference:

  • All human grade ingredients.
  • Natural chicken and turkey are the first ingredients.
  • Gluten free and chemical, hormone and antibiotic free.
  • Baked rather than extruded (at lower temperatures which helps retain the nutrients of our natural ingredients).
  • No artificial chemical preservatives -- delivered fresh (store brands have enough preservatives to last 3-5 years).
  • Tastes great - your dog will love it! (Preferred by 19 out of 20 Hannah Pets in a blind taste test).
  • A fantastic bargain at $1.50 per pound -- comparable quality commercially available foods can cost over twice as much.

A variety of other dog foods and cat foods also are available at great prices (call us to get more details). And TLN™ for cats is coming soon! Special needs - For Pets with special dietary requirements, we source appropriate food from the food manufacturers at prices we think you will find attractive.

Total Lifetime Nutrition (TLN) Dog Food

Facts about our Free and Easy Home Delivery:

  • First delivery arrives with a hypogenic reusable container to keep our food fresh
  • Deliveries include feeding instructions tailored to your Hannah Pet
  • Subsequent deliveries are in fresh sealed bags & delivered every 6 weeks.
  • You receive a call the day before delivery to let you know the food is on its way

Here is what some of our Members say about TLN™ and our delivery services:

My dog loves [TLN™]. He gobbles it up. And I love that I don't have to sling big bags of dog food over my shoulder. I come home and there it is waiting. It's great!

Robin Eubanks Hannah Pet Parent

The TLN (Food) is different, a good different. We have fed top of the line food to our pup . . . and he quickly turned his nose up after a few days of eating it. Now, he eagerly waits to be served his TLN! The food delivery service is a life saver!

Jessica R. June 2017

* Within 30 miles of Hannah's Veterinary Hospital - East. Deliveries between 30 and 40 miles from this location include a charge of $10 dollars per month.