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We have very important Hannah Program changes taking effect January 2019.

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Hannah's Total Life Time Care™ vs. Fee for Service

Unlike traditional veterinary Fee for Service, Hannah's Total Life Time Care™ eliminates Pet injury or illness care cost surprises you may not be able to afford.

    Traditional Vet Fee for Service

  • Fee for each visit, each medication, each procedure.
  • No protection against sudden high cost surprise from an illness or injury.
  • No behavioral care or training.

    Hannah's Total Lifetime Care™

  • Comprehensive preventive and illness/injury care for a predicatable low monthly fee - no cost surprises.
  • Promotes more vet visits and preventive care - better for the Pet!
  • Eliminates euthanasia for economic reasons.
  • Lower cost over lifetime of Pet.
  • Includes behavioral care and training.

Review the chart below to compare the breadth of coverage of Total Lifetime Care™ vs. traditional Fee for Service.

Services Fee For Service Hannah TLC™ Plans
Unlimited Routine
Physical Exams
Out-of Pocket
Unlimited Office Visits 100%
Out-of Pocket
Vaccinations 100%
Out-of Pocket
Heartworm Testing
and Treatment
Out-of Pocket
Diagnostic Testing 100%
Out-of Pocket
Treatment for Illness 100%
Out-of Pocket
Treatment for Injury 100%
Out-of Pocket
Chronic Disease Care 100%
Out-of Pocket
Dental Cleanings 100%
Out-of Pocket
Medications and Injections 100%
Out-of Pocket
Lab Work 100%
Out-of Pocket
X-Rays 100%
Out-of Pocket
Ultrasound 100%
Out-of Pocket
Spay and Neutering 100%
Out-of Pocket
Surgical Care and Anesthesia 100%
Out-of Pocket
Emergency Veterinary Care 100%
Out-of Pocket
24/7/365 Nurse Help Line
Microchipping 100%
Out-of Pocket
Behavior Support
Training and Pet Care
Education Classes
Pet Limo Service Discount
Grooming Discounts
Boarding Discount
From Partners
Flea and Tick Medication 100%
Out-of Pocket
Implants, Organ Transplants,
Cosmetic or Experimental
Surgeries or Services
Out-of Pocket

Click here to compare the costs of Total Lifetime Care™ vs. Fee for Service over the lifetime of your Pet.

What Hannah Members Say

Dr. Tripp at the Hannah Pet Society has been a great behavioral doctor...The result has been remarkable and our pet's quality of life has changed drastically for the better.

Casey H. May 2017