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Hannah encourages you to research and compare our Total Lifetime Care plans to Pet Insurance, Wellness Plans, and traditional Fee for Service. Choosing the right vet care can be confusing, and choosing a Pet healthcare plan can be even more challenging. When considering different options, it is important to know what the options are and what services are covered.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance reimburses you on your veterinary bills when your Pet becomes sick or injured. It’s important to secure Pet insurance when your Pet is healthy, because no Pet insurance plan covers pre-existing conditions. Pet insurance also can't be added immediately so the earlier you acquire Pet insurance, the more likely you'll receive the maximum benefit that it provides.

Hannah is not Pet Insurance.

Hannah is a unique Pet care model that covers routine care and emergency care, and when your Pet receives care at one of our hospitals, you never receive a veterinary bill.

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Hannah vs Wellness Plans

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What is a Wellness Plan?

Wellness plans are a great choice to help cover your Pet's routine and wellness care. Wellness plans are designed to offer proactive, as opposed to reactive, veterinary care. While Pet insurance may provide coverage for many unforeseen circumstances, wellness plans provide preventive care that allows for treatment and prevention of potential problems ahead of time. However, should an emergency or injury arise, it would not be covered by a wellness plan.

Hannah is not a wellness plan. While Hannah's unique Pet care model provides coverage for routine, preventive and wellness care for your Pet, it also covers emergency, accident and injury care. Hannah also provides services that Pet-Parents won't find in a wellness plan, like obedience training and behavior support.

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Traditional Fee For Service

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Most Pet-Parents utilize the traditional Fee-for-service (FFS) payment model when seeking veterinary care for their Pet. Fee-for-service is where services are unbundled and paid for at the time of service. In vet care, it gives an incentive for veterinarians to provide more treatments because payment is dependent on the quantity of care, rather than quality of care.

Over the lifetime of a Pet, we estimate that Pet-Parents will save, on average, about 50% of the cost of their Pet's care with Hannah's Total Lifetime Care (TLC). Hannah's TLC is better for your Pet because it:

Encourages more frequent visits as soon as a problem arises. In fact, our Members visit the vet 2x more than they would with the traditional fee for service model.

Promotes preventive care because there is no cost for office visits.

Eliminates euthanasia for economic reasons because Hannah Pet-Parents are never faced with having to compromise on their Pet's care and are only presented with the best treatment option for their Pet.

Allows Pet-Parents to have a predictable, affordable cost for optimal care for their Pet.

Supports a more comprehensive approach because it includes unlimited obedience training and behavior support.

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What Our Members Say About Hannah


I recommended Hannah to (who currently spends hundreds per month on behavior classes for her dog), didn't subscribe because she was freaked out to have them 'own' her dog. I think that's silly, and an unfortunate financial decision for her. They do not repossess pets. And if I don't like or want the service any longer, I can always choose to opt out.

Teresa B.
Hannah Member Since April 2017