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Hannah Pet Hospital’s Pet Nurse, Tori Portis, Spreads Cheer

Hannah Pet Hospital’s Pet Nurse, Tori Portis, Spreads Cheer

Hannah Pet Hospital’s Pet Nurse, Tori Portis, Spreads Cheer

Being ready. That’s Tori Portis’s job description at its most basic. Tori makes sure Pets and people at Hannah Pet Hospital are ready for the routine and the unexpected.

And Tori has been getting herself ready since she walked into Hannah Pet Hospital at the age of 15.

Tori planned to be a veterinarian, so when the high schooler’s dog needed a consultation with a Hannah behaviorist, she seized the opportunity to ask questions. Her inquiring mind ended up landing her an internship with the Hannah training team. A year later, Tori was hired as a basic trainer.

That’s when she realized that being ready meant you didn’t have to worry. At Hannah, Pet parents don’t have to worry about how to pay for unexpected medical needs because it’s all included in Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care Plans. For one monthly price, Hannah Pet Society Members get unlimited emergency care, not to mention unlimited wellness examinations, training classes and more.

Since the Hannah training team works out of the medical facility, they bring Pets into the hospital for socialization. Tori says this helps Pets feel more comfortable, so they aren’t scared when they visit for examinations. They don’t have to worry, because they know what to expect. They’re ready.

When Tori was a trainer at Hannah, she helped many dogs overcome fears that made them appear aggressive. She’s sentimental when she thinks about seeing a scared, lunging, barking dog transform into a calm dog who approaches people with a wagging tail. Thanks to patience and guidance from Hannah Team Members, the dog and Pet parent are able to go on worry-free walks together.

Now that Tori has worked at Hannah Pet Hospital for eight years–and earned a bachelor’s degree in biology–she’s been promoted to Nursing Manager. She spends her days teaching Hannah Pet nurses and assistants how to support veterinarians and Hannah Members alike. Tori channels her positive energy into helping assistants learn a new skill or helping nurses learn how to work more efficiently. That way, they’re ready to help in any situation. Just like Tori.