Routine Wellness Exams are Important

Routine Wellness Exams are Important

It is crucial that Pets receive regular wellness exams. Some Pet-Parents are hesitant to pay for these routine checkups, opting to seek out veterinary expertise only after their Pet falls noticeably ill. However, the bottom line is that catching problems early on saves you money in the long run, and it could save your Pet’s life. Vet Examining Dog's Eyes

Why is it so important to get your Pets to the vet annually?

First and foremost, Pets age rapidly. In dog years, these annual checkups are more like seven years apart. Health problems can develop in that time. Thankfully, many of these problems will be obvious to veterinary professionals early on through tests and blood-work. On the other hand, symptoms that are visible to the untrained eye may develop much later on. Waiting for these symptoms to occur causes unnecessary suffering to the Pet and can lead to more expensive and invasive treatments to remedy the underlying issue.

Remember that your Pets cannot speak for themselves. If they are hurting, they cannot tell you about it like a human can. Help your Pets achieve the comfort they deserve by allowing your veterinarian to update you on your Pet’s health in a way your Pet cannot.

Regular, routine examinations = a happy and healthy Pet.

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