Protect Pets from Winter Weather

Protect Pets from Winter Weather

Bring Your Pets in from the Cold and Protect Pets from Winter Weather!

Funny dog wearing a hat and scarf sitting on the snow under the falling snowflakes

The first day of winter is only a week away.  Looking for ways to protect Pets from winter weather?  Here are some tips from Hannah the Pet Society to help keep both your dog or cat warm, healthy and happy when the cold sets in.

1) Keep Pets indoors and out of the cold. If you feel chilly, your Pet probably does too. Sure, they have thick fur that helps protect them to some extent, but leaving them out in the cold can be really harmful to them. Also make sure they have a pillow, blanket or bed to sleep on that isn’t in a really drafty area inside.

2) Get a sweater for your pooch to wear during walks. Even though the weather might be less than ideal, it’s still important for your Pet to get regular exercise. If you’re worried about your dog being out in the cold, get them a sweater. If you live somewhere that sees a lot of snow or rain such as Oregon and elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest, make sure that the sweater you pick is also waterproof.

3) Protect paws. Frost can be bad news for your Pet. Watch for early warning signs of frostbite if you’re walking your dog or cat. Some warning signs include firm, waxy skin and blisters. Salt used to melt ice and snow can be harsh on paws too, and so protect your Pet by outfitting it with booties during walks outside.

4) Beware of antifreeze. Antifreeze can leak from car radiators, and though it tastes delicious to cats and dogs it’s extremely deadly for Pets. Keep your Pets out of the garage, watch for any accidental spillage and don’t let your dog wander too far on walks in case he might venture into a neighbor’s driveway or garage.

5) Watch their diet. Your Pets are likely burning different levels of energy in the winter. If they’re spending time in the cold, they might need a little more food than in warmer seasons. On the other hand, if they’re sleeping more and spending a lot of time indoors, you might want to lighten up what you’re feeding them. Consult your vet at Hannah to find out what’s best for your Pet.

It is important to protect your Pet from winter weather, parasites and health related issues.  If you have any questions, please make sure to give the experts at Hannah the Pet Society a call! (360) 816-8000

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