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Kennelmates Find a Forever Home

Kennelmates Find a Forever Home

Kennelmates Find a Forever Home

For Susan L., finding Sprocket and Biscuit, two chihuahuas rescued from a hoarding situation in California, couldn’t have come at a better time. She and her husband, Fred, had just said goodbye to four of their dogs after a long life together, leaving behind Gizmo, another chihuahua they had hope to adopt.

“At that time, the house was too quiet and we needed to find another dog,” Susan said. “I went online to the rescues and applied for dogs. Other families would get them and it was heartbreaking because you want the dog so bad.”

Then Susan saw a picture of Sprocket and Biscuit on Hannah.Pet, the website for Hannah The Pet Society. Initially, she was only planning on getting one of them; according to Susan, her husband would empty the shelter because he loves dogs so much. So, she and her son, Douglas, took Gizmo to meet the pair of chihuahuas.

“We got there and the poor guys were so scared. They came from an awful hoarding situation,” Susan said. “I couldn’t choose. I thought, ‘I can’t leave one of you here.’”

After missing out on so many other dogs, Susan appreciated the adoption process at Hannah. From observing COVID safety measures, to just letting Sprocket and Biscuit meet Susan and Gizmo on their own time, it was clear Pet Match Coordinator Katina Burr and the team took special care to ensure this would be a perfect match.

Sprocket and Biscuit are all smiles after being adopted into a Forever Family through Hannah The Pet Society.

“I know [the Pet Match Coordinators] were checking us out as much as we were checking them out,” Susan said. “They let us have time to sit with [Sprocket and Biscuit] and let them come to us and sniff us out. It was a really good experience.”

Katina, who introduced Susan to the dogs, filled in the details of their history. Sprocket and Biscuit had been kennelmates and stayed together during their time in foster homes. Susan couldn’t imagine separating the two, so she loaded them up and took them home.

“It’s just been the best thing,” Susan said. “I know they were supposed to be ours and they were supposed to be together.”