Keep Pets Safe This Summer

Keep Pets Safe This Summer

Hot dog? Cool cat? In case you haven’t noticed, it’s hot outside. We thought we’d share a few tips about how to keep Pets safe this summer  – plus have fun with your fur-coated friends.

5 Don’ts to Keep Pets Safe this Summer

  1. Do not leave dogs or cats or small children in parked cars. Temperatures can soar to triple digits in a matter of minutes. If you have a few errands to run, it’s easier and safer to leave your Pets at home.
  2. Do not exercise your dog in the heat of the day. This can cause heat stroke or dehydration, plus the hot asphalt can burn tender paws. Best times are before 10 am and after 6 pm. If your schedule allows, a moonlit romp—when the sun is down and the grass is cool—feels extra good for your dog.
  3. Do not skimp on water. If you’re going to park your Pets in the backyard, make sure you put out extra water. Hot weather causes evaporation, so your cats and dogs might not be getting as much water as they need. Plus they might end up sharing with birds and squirrels, so fill those water bowls!
  4. Do not forget: Shade is vital. Notice where the shadows fall and create several sheltered areas where your Pet can snooze.
  5. Do not use yourself as a litmus test. If you love the heat, if a noontime run in 90-degree weather feels good, if you like to bake your body on a sunny patch of lawn, remember: It is too hot for your dog. Pets are loyal; they’ll do what you do—even if it makes them sick.

4 Do’s to Keep Pets Safe this Summer

  1. Do know the signs of heat sickness: Dogs can’t sweat. They can’t slip off that fur coat and run through the sprinklers. Instead, they cool off by panting. An overheated dog will pant heavy and drool excessively. It will become lethargic, and the eyes will become bloodshot. If you suspect your dog is overheated, call Hannah right away.
  2. Do get wet. A trip to the beach, a flop in a kiddie pool, a dip in the river (don’t forget flotation devices for you and your Pet!) are all great ways to cool off.
  3. Do race around the sprinklers. Plenty of dogs can’t swim, and plenty of Pet owners don’t have easy access to water. Set up a sprinkler course in your yard, and then race your kicat resting on a sun loungerds and dogs.
  4. Do use a wet towel—on your dog’s belly! Dogs cool from the bottom up, so a wet towel on a hot tummy is more effective than laying a wet towel on his back. You can also lay a wet towel in the grass for them to lie on. Don’t forget to spritz their paws with water, too.

Taking care of your Pets is what Hannah is all about.  We want to keep your Pets safe this summer and all year round.  With our Total Lifetime Care program, you can be certain that your Hannah Pet has everything it needs. You never have to choose between caring for your Pet and paying the bills, and you have peace of mind that in any situation, Hannah has you and your beloved Hannah Pet covered.

This is what one Hannah Member has to say:

“Love, love, our experience with Hannah. Our cat is a Hannah kitty, & when we add to our furry family it will be thru Hannah. Excellent care & value for our pet.  In the past we’ve paid for multiple expensive surgeries/ procedures for our pets. It’s nice to know that anything our pet needs will be taken care of, or covered.”
-Lee Ann P, Portland

For more information about joining the Hannah family, call (360) 816-8000. – See more at:

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