Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets!

The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Pet

The holidays are a time to share in a little food-eating and gift-giving among family and friends.  And, this includes our furry family members!  The joy experienced by our Pets as they receive a new treat or toy is only matched or exceeded by the proud Pet Parent.

The holiday experience wouldn’t be complete without the love and companionship of our Pets.  As we move closer to the big day, Hannah has put together a list of safe, fun and useful gift ideas for the Pets in your life.

–          Most dogs love plush toys!  This scene will be familiar to many: a small toy in perfect condition is shredded in a matter of minutes, turning it from an adorable stuffed bear to an unrecognizable mess of scattered cotton and rags.  In the middle of it all lies a proud, satisfied pup who is ready for a nap.  If this sounds like your dog (and you don’t mind picking up the mess), maybe a few stuffed toys are the perfect gift idea.  But watch closely; if your Pet has a habit of ingesting the material, another gift would probably be better.  Also, like all Pet toys, make sure you purchase those that are specifically made for Pets and are free of chemicals, toxins and small plastic bits that can cause injury or illness.

Cat and Dog eating and drinking Santa’s cookies and milk.

–          Kong toys have become essentials for most Pet Parents.  They are hard, durable and can stand up to most of the rough play that many Pets will put them through.

–          Food puzzles are a great way to keep your dog entertained and occupied throughout the day. They also provide mental stimulation and keep your dog quiet and focused while you are out of the house.

–          Cats and kittens require play that simulates hunting and prowling.  Interactive toys, such as laser pointers and furry mice, allow your feline family members to tap into their inner hunter.

–          Remember: exercise is essential to your Pet’s health!  Toys that will get them (and you!) outside, such as Frisbees and balls can greatly increase not only the wellness of your Pets, but also the bonds you share with them.

–          Enrolling your Pet in Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program is a gift that will keep your Pet healthy and happy all year long and for years to come.  For a low monthly fee, your Pet will receive complete, comprehensive healthcare (including preventative care, dentals, medications, vaccinations, emergency care and surgeries), nutritious Pet food delivered straight to your door and all the behavioral training you and your Pet require!

Hannah’s TLC program is an essential component to providing your Pet with all they need to live the longest, happiest life possible!  Is there a better gift idea out there than a healthy, long life and happiness?

To learn more about how you can enroll your Pets into Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program, please visit our Hannah Veterinary Hospital at Plaza 205 in Portland, or Hannah’s Veterinary Hospital and Emergency Clinic at Washington Square II in Tigard.


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