Holiday Gift Ideas Cats Love

Holiday Gift Ideas Cats Love

Holiday Gift Ideas Cats Will Enjoy

Looking for great holiday gift ideas cats will enjoy?  Pop open an inexpensive can of ping pong balls.  A dozen balls jump out and spill to the floor, bouncing and twirling everywhere.  It will be your cat’s best present ever.
When it’s turkey, time, try floating a ping pong ball or two in a wide, shallow bowl of turkey broth.  The movement, the smell, the challenge! Your cat will make a festive splash!

Here’s another splashy holiday gift idea for cats, and excellent décor for your home.  It starts with a store-bought Pet water fountain.  They are intriguing, and most cats choose to drink water that moves and ripples. But the fountains aren’t usually that attractive.  This year, dress yours up by cementing a crusty mountain of small river rocks on the surface.  Use real rocks and non-toxic caulk like Eco-Bond.  Plant a small stalk of lemon grass, and it will continue to regrow like reeds at the edge of stream.  Most cats love to chew this stuff, and it’s a healthy treat with catnip qualities.  The final product becomes a stylish, cascading water feature with soothing sound effects for your entryway, kitchen or bath.  What a great holiday gift for cats and Pet-Parents!

Grumpy cat wearing an ugly holiday sweater.

Langley, the not so festive feline.

This holiday gift idea for cats could also be a gift for you because we know that you want to fly a drone just as much as your cat wants to chase one.  Try the lifelike Bionic Bird drone.  It flies with the grace of a natural bird, so it attracts sparrows (and predator hawks) and drives all cats crazy.  We know it’s really for you, but your cat will benefit too.  He was born to chase birds, and he won’t know the difference.  He will get tons of exercise while you control it all from your smartphone.  It even has an indoor mode.  This drone is super durable.  But be careful not to fly low enough to swat and nip.  Because he will, if he can!
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