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What Exactly is a Heart Murmur in Your Pet?

What Exactly is a Heart Murmur in Your Pet?

The ductus arteriosus is the communication between the aorta and the pulmonary artery, which are the two main blood vessels leading from the heart. During…

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What Hannah Members Say

We were a little leery of doing this at first because we were afraid they would limit her care if the cost of care exceeded our monthly payment, but that has not been the case...Our Dane then acquired an infection that required ultrasound imaging, and this was done quickly, with no additional expense, during an office visit. Joining Hannah was the best decision we could ever make for our dogs. We have incredible peace of mind knowing they are well taken care of, and that they don't skimp on care when the cost of their care exceeds their monthly dues.

Jackie S. April 2017