Do Dogs Dream? Do Cats Dream?

Do Dogs Dream? Do Cats Dream?


Lab Puppy Sleeping in Dog BedDogs Dream, Cats Dream

The Dreamy Sleep of Pets

You may have seen the videos and if not click here to see one, but Bizkit the sleepwalking dog has sure made a name for himself. His videos (we are assured he is not hurt) while amusing, actually bring up a good question. Do dogs dream? By the looks of it, Bizkit sure does seem to be dreaming.  And, what about cats?

“Do dogs and cats dream? Of course they do,” said Hannah’s Behaviorist Dr. Rolan Tripp. “Anyone who has lived with a dog or cat and watched the paws paddling during sleep imagines the Pet dreaming about chasing varmints.”

An article on the Popular Science website also addresses this question and concurs with Dr. Tripp’s assessment. Most dog Parents are probably aware since at some point they have watched their dog twitch, make grunting noises or even yelp while sleeping. Stanley Coren, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia and author of the book The Intelligence of Canines says dogs go through the same sleep stages as humans do, albeit faster.

A dog enters REM sleep about 20 minutes after falling asleep and this is the stage where most vivid dreams occur. Coren said big dogs dream longer and smaller dogs dream quickly and more frequently. Insects and fish do not experience REM sleep but some birds and all mammals do.Sleeping Chocolate Lab

“It is hard to imagine that the anatomic emotional centers of the brain are dormant in Pets,” Tripp said. “My conclusion is that Pets are intelligent, emotional beings that think, remember and dream.”

So what about your dog? Have you heard him bark and move around during sleep? How about your cat? Is she dreaming about bird hunting or chasing a lizard? Post your comments to our Facebook page and let’s find out who has a dreamy Pet.

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