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Dog Friendly Restaurants in Portland

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Portland

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Portland

People in Portland love two things: dogs and food. Portland is well known for it’s food. It seems like there’s a great restaurant around every corner. But, what if you want to take your dog out with you for a meal? You’ve come to the right place. In no particular order, here are a five great options for a meal out with your best friend.

1. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company

This dog themed brewery offers a wide selection of food and brews. Not only is Lucky Labrador dog-friendly, but it’s also kid friendly, which makes it a great spot for the whole family. While enjoying a great meal, your kids can have some Lucky Lab root beer, while you sip on one of their many dog-themed beers, the list of which includes the Black Lab Stout, the Dog Days IPA, and the Old Yeller Barleywine. From your dog to your kids, everyone is sure to leave satisfied.DogFriendly Restaurant in Portland, Oregon

2. Tin Shed

Apart from simply having stop-notch food, this place is famous for being one of the most dog-friendly restaurants around. They have a large patio, that’s often filled with all breeds of dogs. They also have several dog-themed dishes including “Stay,” “Roll Over,” and “Good Dog.” They even have a dog menu, complete with a safe-for-dogs dessert called “doggie desert.” You’ll give it five stars and your pup will give two paws up.

3. Beeswing

If you’re looking to take your pooch out for brunch on a late Sunday morning, look no further. Beeswing’s unique menu makes it a wondeful moring meal. From Trout Hash to Beef and Stilton Pie, Beeswing has an ecclictic selection that is all its own. It is worth noting, however, that Beeswing is only open Wednesday-Sunday from 8:00-3:00, so make sure to go towards the end of the week.

4. Screen Door

This southern style restaurant is famous for being one of the top restaurants in the city. Their fried chicken is wildly popular, and there’s no better place in Portland to get chicken and waffles. They also have a quaint patio outside, making it a perfect spot to bring your best friend for a wonderful southern meal.

5. The Rambler

Unlike every other restaurant named on this list, The Rambler is 21+. As such, it’s a great place for a night out with just you and your dog. Enjoy well crafted drinks, and chow down on one of their highly touted burgers. It’s a great place for enjoying a meal without worrying about any kids disturbing your night.