Day Out with Your Dog

Day Out with Your Dog

The best places to enjoy with your Pet in the Portland area. 

For a Dog-Parent like myself, there is nothing I hate more than to see the wide-eyed look my dog gives me whenever I go out without her. Her eyebrows raise high and she wags her short little tail in hopes that this time she’ll be invited to come along, but her eyes shine with doubt— you know which look I’m talking about. It hurts so much I’ve considered never leaving the house just so that my dog never looks at me that way again. I mean, is having a social life really that important?


The great news is that the Portland area is so dog-friendly that you don’t need to choose between spending time with your dog and maintaining your connection with the outside world!  Why not do both? I’ve pulled together a list of some of the best places around the city where you AND your four-legged friend can enjoy new Portland experiences.


1) Tom McCall Waterfront Park

Take a leisurely stroll along Portland’s scenic Waterfront!  Stop to play in the grass— maybe even chase a few birds. If you get hungry, head on over to the Portland Saturday Market where you can grab a bite and browse the creations of local artists and shop-owners.


2) Northwest 23rd Avenue

This vibrant, cosmopolitan stretch in Portland’s Nob Hill district is packed with people taking their dogs on a leisurely stroll. Enjoy a weekend brunch in your Sunday best at one of the numerous Pet accommodating restaurants like The Fireside, or bask in the sun-lit outdoor seating of St. Honoré Boulangerie while enjoying some of the best croissants in Portland. If you’re in the mood to shop, many of the quaint boutiques that line the street allow dogs.  Just be sure to check with the employees! You’re adventure to 23rd won’t be complete until you stop by Java Hound Coffee Bar— a Pet store that doubles as a coffee shop (they even have “puppuccino” on the menu, a beverage made especially for your four-legged partner in crime).


3) Forest Park

If you’re craving adventure, take a hike! Explore one of the many trails in Portland’s Forest Park, one of the largest forests to be located within an urban area. Journey into a different, mystical dimension filled with tall trees and dense greenery. Just remember that ticks like forested areas and tend to come out at dusk and dawn, so give your dog a good check when you get home!





4) St. John’s District

This small, quirky area of North Portland truly reflects the spirit of Portland. Visit the St. John’s Beer Porch for the best food truck experience Portland has to offer, complete with an eclectic selection of delicious food, a cozy outdoor seating area, and a fire pit to keep you and your dog warm. After you eat, head to Cathedral Park and gaze at the beautiful view across the St. John’s Bridge together.





5) Laurelhurst Park

If your dog’s excessive energy is making the concept of “relaxation”, something you’re in desperate need of, seem like an unattainable pipe dream, then take a trip to Laurelhurst Park. At this popular dog spot you can sit back and relax while your dog runs free and off-leash. Kick up a storm in the autumn leaves that cover the ground when the weather is cool; on warm days, test out your bird watching skills from one of the many benches near the duck pond.


6) Sauvie Island

Dreaming of a warm, refreshing beach day? You don’t need to go as far as the coast— take a trip to one of the nearby Sauvie Island beaches where your furry friend is allowed to roam, as long as you remember a leash! Cool off in the water or have a nice relaxing day lying in the sand.

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