Everything You Need to Know About the Bordatella Vaccine

Everything You Need to Know About the Bordatella Vaccine

If you’re boarding your Pet this season, schedule your vaccination appointment for the bordatella vaccine today.

Hannah Pet receiving bordatella vaccine.What is the bordatella vaccine?

The bordatella vaccine helps prevent your Pet against bordatella bronchiseptico, a bacteria that causes kennel cough.

What is kennel cough?

According to VetMD, kennel cough in dogs will stimulate a coarse, dry, hacking cough about three to seven days after the dog is initially infected.  It sounds as if the dog needs to “clear his throat” and the cough will be triggered by any extra activity or exercise. Many dogs that acquire kennel cough will cough every few minutes, all day long. Their general state of health and alertness will be unaffected, they usually have no rise in temperature, and do not lose their appetite. The signs will usually last from 7 to 21 days and can be very annoying for the dog and the dog’s Pet-Parents.Long-haired dachshund coughing.


Why should you get the vaccine?

Getting your Pet vaccinated prevents it from being infected with kennel cough, which is usually transmitted the same way a common cold is. Kennel cough can be acquired anywhere, anytime, but happens most often when a dog is in an enclosed space (such as a kennel) with other dogs. It’s an important vaccination to consider, as it keeps your dog and other dogs safe from being infected with bordatella.  


When should you get the vaccine?

VetMD recommends that it be used only in non-vaccinated dogs and in young pups receiving their first vaccination.

To learn more, visit VetMD’s website here.

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