Baby Blue’s Terrible Accident

Baby Blue’s Terrible Accident

Baby Blue

Baby Blue is a beautiful 4 year old PitBull Terrier who was recently in a terrible accident. After being hit by a large truck, Baby Blue had multiple injuries to her lungs and abdomen, as well as a bad fracture in her Pelvis. The veterinary team at Hannah The Pet Society received Baby Blue more than a week ago and has been helping her during her recovery.

Baby Blue's X-ray“Baby Blue has been slowly recovering in our Emergency Hospital and today she had an Orthopedic surgery to repair her Hip,” said Luis Tello, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and one of the doctors in charge of helping Baby Blue recover. “With patience and more care, she will be ready to go home in a few days to complete her recovery.”

Unfortunately, accidents involving Pets occur quite often — forcing many Pet families to make emotionally tough decisions on how to provide the best care for their beloved Pet. Even one trip to an emergency veterinary clinic can become a serious, and even unaffordable, financial burden. Luckily, Hannah the Pet Society’s unique program eliminates the financial burden of a sudden expensive necessary medical procedure allowing for Pet families to choose the best way to proceed without having to worry about the cost or care of their loved ones.

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Fortunately for Baby Blue, her Pet family are members of Hannah The Pet Society. After spending 16 days in Hannah’s Veterinary Hospital, Baby Blue is well on her way to recovery! As an added bonus, her Pet Parents didn’t have to pay a thing! Which is quite amazing considering the cost of surgery and care alone would have exceeded $5,000 (surgery, 16 days in the hospital, 24 hour care, medications twice a day, food and fluids, etc…). The total cost of Baby Blue’s Emergency visit was completely covered by Hannah The Pet Society’s Total Lifetime Care (TLC) program. Baby Blue received complete care and her Pet Parents left with no out-of-pocket expense. Success!


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