Affordable Pet Care Options

Affordable Pet Care Options

The cost of caring for your Pet is an exceptionally important consideration. It is important to know that there are affordable Pet care options available.

One thing (possibly the only thing!) that Dog and Cat Parents alike can agree on is that the comfort and happiness of their Pets is a number one priority. Unfortunately, veterinary costs are on the rise, forcing many Pet-Parents to weigh the financial impact of the unpredictable costs of decent veterinary services against their Pet’s health.

Pretty scary stuff!

The good news is that if you are a Pet-Parent, or a potential Pet-Parent, you have options that allow you to keep your Pet’s health in focus as you make important Pet care decisions. If you live in the Portland area, the best by far is becoming a Member of Hannah the Pet Society. Hannah’s mission is to serve the best interests of your Pet without regard to the cost of treatment, but at the same time without burdening Members with large veterinary bills. But before you make a decision, you probably want to review all of your affordable Pet care choices:

1) Do Nothing and Hope for the Best

This option speaks for itself in regards to why it is less than ideal, but you would be surprised at the number of Pet-Parents who go this route. In fact, according to NAPHIA, less than 1% of Pets are insured, indicating that this is the most popular approach to Pet care in North America. Pet-Parents who are disenfranchised with costly insurance premiums that cover only SOME of the potential medical issues their Pet might face may favor paying out of pocket to treat their Pets’ health issues as they occur. Unfortunately, neglecting routine visits to the vet can cause minor health issues to go unnoticed until they develop into problems that can only be remedied by exceedingly costly treatment. So, while this is the only approach to Pet care that does not involve scheduled payments, it is likely to be the least affordable option in the long run.

2) Purchasing Pet Insurance

Purchasing Pet insurance is one way for Pet-Parents to ensure affordable care for their Pet. The benefit to Pet insurance is that many treatments will cost less. However, there will probably be a co-pay, meaning you still have to pay a certain amount for each veterinary visit on top of the annual premiums you pay to the insurance company to cover the rest. This adds up, discouraging Pet-Parents from seeking veterinary care until a problem has developed. The other glaring issue with Pet insurance is that it has its limits. If a treatment costs more than a certain amount (the exact number depends on the plan), the Pet-Parent must cover the remainder of the bill out-of-pocket. Additionally, there are caveats in Pet insurance policies that exclude certain conditions from coverage, placing the cost of treatment for those issues entirely on the shoulders of the Pet-Parent. For this reason, Pet insurance is not always as great of an option as it seems.

3) Becoming a Member of Hannah the Pet Society

And now the solution you’ve been waiting for! Hannah the Pet Society is a great and option because it takes financial worry out of the Pet care equation, making the best interests of your Pet the number one component of every decision. There is an easily affordable monthly payment for being a Member, and with that ALL of your Pet’s needs are covered. This isn’t Pet insurance— there are no co-pays, deductibles, and finely-printed loopholes in the coverage. Hannah fully covers their Members for all of their Pet care needs, from emergency medical treatment to the routine checkups that prevent illness from developing in the first place. And Hannah doesn’t only cover medical expenses! Along with top notch veterinary services, Hannah the Pet Society also provides Pet training, a 24/7 advice line and Pet “Limo” services, all included within the price of Membership. Pretty good deal, right? If you are interested in learning more about Hannah’s promise to its members, visit our website:

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