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A Waggly Tale of a Waggly Tail

A Waggly Tale of a Waggly Tail

A Waggly Tale of a Waggly Tail

 By Pel the Doggy, as dictated to Shieva the Human 

 Hi everyone! My name is Pel. I am a sweet boy doggy, with black fur and golden eyes. My new friends here tell me that I am kind of classically tall, dark, and handsome. And sweet, too… Things in my life were really hard, and then things got so much better!…. 

I decided to share my story with you, to give a little light and love to you, and to share what hope feels like. It’s my first time writing, so here goes! 

Have you ever been in a very dark place, and wondered if your life could ever get better? 

… I have … 

I don’t remember much detail about my life before, really, but I do remember that I was not very loved in the place that I lived, and that the humans that I lived with hurt me. I don’t know why or how, but I ended up with some bullet fragments in my body, and I walk with a limp. I was scared and timid, and I became very afraid of humans. I also felt lost and alone, and I felt trapped in a place of fear — I really didn’t have any reason to believe that things could ever get better for me…but I could hope. 

 Have you ever wondered if you could ever trust anyone again? 

… I have … 

My humans were very scary. It seemed safest to hide and my body kept shivering. I couldn’t get enough food or water, and I was very thin and weak. So, one day I went wandering around, looking for food or water. Since I didn’t feel safe or wanted, I hoped that maybe there could exist a kinder human to meet… Maybe there is someone out there who would want to care for me and whom I could begin to trust. 

As luck would have it, I ran into a very nice lady in a trailer park in Kayenta, Arizona — She talked sweetly to me and began to leave food out for me, because she knew I was hungry and sad. I did not trust her enough to get close, but I did trust her enough to know that she was kind and that she cared. So I kept coming. And she kept feeding me. She was a reliably kind human person. They exist! … I really appreciated knowing that. Maybe I could someday learn to trust a human. 

Have you ever wondered if you would ever find people who would love you and care for you, and who would happily receive your love back? 

… I have … 

And one day this nice lady called the nice people at Underdog Animal Rescue and Rehab in Moab Utah, who leaped into action to save me! They coordinated with volunteers who drove more than 3 or 4 hours to come pick me up and they took me back to Moab. I was too weak to run away from them, and I was easy to scoop up and take into the car. Once we got there, these nice people took care of me! I started to understand, for the first time ever, what love is! It is amazing, what life can be like, when there IS LOVE! I never knew this existed before. 

Have you ever wondered if you would ever find something called Joy? 

… I have … 

And when I got to the nice people at Underdog, even though I was still scared and I still kind of cowered in the corners, I could feel the energy of love all around me… And I felt something else, too, that was new and strange — the other dogs around me told me that what I felt was called “Joy!”…this is a consequence of feeling loved, they said! 

My tail was wagging a lot, and they told me THAT was the tell-tale (or tell-TAIL) sign!! And after a while, I couldn’t control it — my tail just wagged and wagged and wagged! It is because we were all SO well-loved, and that the humans around us were here just to help and to love us. They didn’t only feed me and water me — they gave me medical care to heal the pain in my body, and they helped my heart and my spirit to heal, too. This is so huge, there isn’t a word for it. My wagging tail tells it best! … I loved gradually knowing, from my own experiences, that there ARE humans who are kind and loving. And, it turns out that these humans were also determined to help me somehow find a family that would take care of me… and love me forever. 

Have you ever found your life changed for the better, in a huge way? 

… I have… 

The nice people here in Moab helped me feel safe, and it turned out another amazing human, Dr. Kim Khodakhah, from Bully Baby Rescue and PAWSperous Pathways, had contacted my nice people at Underdog Animal Rescue and Rehab to help me find a FOREVER home! My tail was wiggling and waggling so much – a FOREVER home for me and my other furry friends! Dr. Khodakhah contacted Hannah the Pet Society in Portland Oregon, and then MORE nice people came ALL the way in a great big van to pick me up and take me all they way back to Oregon, to find a family who will love me forever!… and yes, they also picked up the other loving animals—there were eight other pups, two kitty cats, and two bunny rabbits, and we were all transported lovingly on a very long drive back to Oregon! 

We all behaved so very well, no one even peed in their kennels, and we all got along so very well too! What a ride! It was really a pretty fun road trip with such nice people! These are all humans who really love animals! I learned from them that love IS real…. And now that I am in Portland, I am being loved by these humans at Hannah the Pet Society, and they say that I am being prepared for a Furever Family! They tell me that, once I feel ready, there will appear the perfect FAMILY who will adopt me— and they will Adore me, Love me, Feed me, Play with me, and take such good Care of me. And I will get to love them back! Wow– I can’t wait!… It’s still hard to believe, how my life turned around in such a huge way! I love my present life, and I am so thankful for all the nicest humans who brought me here, living for the first time with Love and Joy! 

Have you ever wished that others could be as lucky as YOU are? 

… I have … 

That’s why I’m writing my story now, because I want you to know about ALL the nice people in the world, who give us hope. Yes, believe me, I know that there are some very unkind humans in the world. Because they feel hurt, they cause others to hurt too. But I feel like we need to remember that there SO MANY MORE REALLY NICE AND KIND humans in the world, who care and love to help. They care enough to feed a sad, lost, or injured animal in their neighborhood, and they care enough to make calls to nice professional animal-helpers like the ones at Underdog Animal Rescue and Rehab in Moab Utah, and at Hannah Pet Society in Portland, Oregon. And, too, there are all the nice people who donate money and support to these animal-helping organizations, because they want to help the nice people do good things — like saving me! These are organizations whose whole mission is to save animals like me and to help us to save humans back, with our love. Because, seriously, we all have a lot of love to give, and we need each other. There is no sweeter arrangement than to be a human who gets to love a dog, and a dog who gets to love a human. It’s like the beautiful poem that Mary Oliver wrote (bolding is mine): 

Because of the dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased
It is no small gift. 
It is not the least reason why we should honor as well as love the dog of our own life, 
and the dog down the street, 
and all the dogs not yet born. 
What would the world be like without music or rivers 
or the green and tender grass? 
What would this world be like without dogs?” 

This is Pel, signing off with a Very Wiggly Waggly Tail and a Very Happy Heart!