3 Ways to Prevent Cat Scratching

3 Ways to Prevent Cat Scratching


Rare is the cat parent who hasn’t fell victim to the seemingly unavoidable cat scratching.  In fact, some have simply given up on that old sofa with the shredded arm and decided it now belongs to the cat!

One helpful hit is to begin addressing cat scratching at a young age. It can help Pet parents avoid much of the destruction that can occur when scratching and other unwanted habits go unchecked.  Hannah members who have a cat enrolled in our Total Lifetime Care program can call for behavioral support 24-hours a day.

But there are a few things you can do from home before calling for that behavior consult.

Give Your Cat a Spot to Scratch!

Ideally, before bringing a cat home, or at least when he or she is still young, invest in a scratching post, or better yet, 3!  Place one anywhere your cat spends time playing or napping. You can help control where your cat is scratching by rubbing a little catnip on the post. You can also dangling a favorite toy in front of a desired cat scratching spot and it will help attract and encourage your new cat to “scratch here”!  If your cat has already claimed a piece of furniture, consider getting them a cat scratching post with similar texture! For example if your Cat loves wooden chair legs, door frames, or desks consider getting a ceder cat post, and if your cat loves sofas and rugs, consider a carpeted scratching post!

Prevent More Cat Scratching!

Try making the scratching spot (or spots) less inviting by securing plastic or tape over the area. Double sided tape works great for this!   There are also herbal deterrents that can be sprayed on the favored scratch-spot to make the area less attractive and less tempting. This removes the territorial “markers” that your Pet has left in those spots. These are great options as they are invisible to the human eye, but still able to deter cat scratching!

Reduce Damage from Cat Scratching!

For your cat’s least favorite solution: trim those claws!  Warning: your cat will hate it and, more than likely, you will, too.  But getting them into the habit of receiving nail trims at a young age will make it easier as they get older. If you are unsure about how to cut your Pet’s nails at home, Hannah trainers and nurses are more than happy to help, or you can click here for a great step-by-step walk through! But if it’s just too much trouble, Hannah members can bring their Pets in for free nail trims anytime by our professional groomers, nurses and care team!

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