10 Great Pet Instagrams

10 Great Pet Instagrams

We all love our Pets. We love sharing photos of our Pets, and we love meeting others’ Pets. The social media age has pushed this. Pet accounts are huge across all social media because people go crazy for pictures and videos of cute animals. So, for your viewing pleasure, we have compiled a list, in no particular order, of ten great Pet Instagram accounts to follow today.

1. Cats_of_instagram

From @felicefelines: "But first let me take a selfie😼🐾📷" #catsofinstagram

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At 8.1 million followers, cats_of_instagram is one of the most popular Pet social media accounts out there, and for good reason. From adorable pictures like the one seen above to hilarious videos, cats_of_instagram has it all. This is a must follow for cat lovers.

2. Dogsofinstagram

Based on a book entitled Dogs on Instagram, dogsofinstagram brings together the world of internet dogs. It showcases dogs of every breed and size. Another must follow, dogsofinstagram is to dog lovers as cats_of_instagram is to cat lovers.

3. Exempelthebunny

Happy midsummer 🌸🐨🌸

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This six year old Swedish mini lop is the epitome of cute. He’s constantly on adventures with his owner who love him dearly.

4. Dogsthathike

Our kind of Sunday 📸 @fursty / @milliethegolden #dogsthathike #lazysundays

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Do you love dogs and nature? Then this is the perfect account for you to follow! These adventurous dogs love to hike with their owners and they go to some incredible places.

5. Chillwildlife

Chillwildlife is the perfect page for those who love quirky Pets. This account is full of pictures and videos of Pets acting absolutely ridiculous. It’s very humorous and worth a visit.

6. Itsdougthepug

"‪Pretty much sums me up…I'm lazy and have a food obsession‬" -Doug

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Who doesn’t love pugs? This hilarious and adorable pug has a massive Instagram following of 2.7 milion. He’s always posing for cute, funny pictures that are sure to please.

7. Pnwonderdogs

When you know you’re looking good. Photo by @bellafleener #pnwonderdogs

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This wonderful account combines dogs and our beloved Northwest scenery. It’s a community based account where people can share off their pups at any of the many beautiful Northwest locations.

8. Venustwofacecat

Meet Venus, the two faced cat. This cat was remarkably born with half of her face being black, the other half being bright-orange. Her unusual look has helped her garner huge fame, up to 1.3 million instagram followers.

9. Weratedogs

Weratedogs is a unique account in which users submit pictures of their dogs, which the page then rates publicly. They generally give the dogs ratings above 10/10 alongside quite humorous captions.

10. Babyanimalpets

Do you love newborn puppies and kittens? Of course you do, who doesn’t? This darling account focuses entirely on baby Pets sure to make you let out an audible “Aw.”

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