Total Lifetime Nutrition

Total Lifetime Pet Nutrition™ (TLN™):
Delivers more in every way.

High-quality Pet food is one of the most important factors contributing to the overall health and wellness of a Pet – so we take it very seriously. As you might expect, Hannah’s approach to Pet nutrition is different and entirely unique. We designed our food (TLN™) to deliver more in every possible way – quality, freshness, convenience, home delivery, packaging, taste and cost. We think you and your Hannah Pet will find it irresistible.

Feeding lifelong health in every bite.

Your Hannah veterinarian will conduct a thorough medical exam, including a physical exam, laboratory blood analysis and laboratory urinalysis. Based on the results and a review of your Pet’s age, weight and activity level, we will prescribe the right diet. With your input, the Hannah medical team will adjust the daily recommendation as your Hannah Pet’s needs change.

100% organic, human grade chicken is the first ingredient. (Yum!)
  • Organic deboned chicken raised on local farms.
  • Made only with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients.
  • Complete and balanced formula contributes to the Pet’s overall health and vitality.
  • Bite-sized and highly palatable – Pets love it!
  • Baking process locks in flavor and preserves vitamins and amino acids, which are lost in other foods due to high cooking temperatures.
  • Sourced right here in the U.S.A. – The main ingredient is certified 100% organic chicken that’s oven baked.
  • Packaged in small bags for your Pet to retain freshness.
Free and easy home delivery (and easy on the planet too.)
  • The first delivery arrives with a hygienic, reusable container to help reduce our environmental “paw print”
    and more important, keeps the food fresh.
  • Includes feeding instructions to ensure you’re feeding the right nutrition in the right amount .
  • After that, a fresh, vacuum-packed bag (or bags) is delivered to your door every 3 to 8 weeks within our service area.
  • A call the day before lets you know your Pet’s nutrition is on its way.
Always Fresh (and tasty).
  • It never sits on a store shelf or in a warehouse for months or years.
  • If your Pet’s regular food cannot be provided (it is discontinued, backordered, etc.), a suitable food will be substituted by a Hannah veterinarian or nutrition expert.
Deliciously affordable, too.



The Hannah delivery team delivers food right to your door.
Special Needs (and TLN for cats soon).
  • For Pets with special dietary requirements, we source special food from other Pet food providers, when possible.
  • We’re busy developing Hannah Lifetime Nutrition for cats too!
  • Our beloved Hannah cats also can have commercially available high-quality food and litter delivered to
    their homes – right meow!