TLN™ Cost Comparison

Hannah's proprietary TLN™ is priced at less than half of the cost of many comparable high quality commercially available products:

Approximate food cost per month* 20 lb dog 40 lb dog 60 lb dog delivery
Hannah Total Lifetime Nutrition™ (TLN™) -- INCLUDES DELIVERY $19.54 $31.24 $40.95 Yes
Blue Wilderness - Chicken $57.84 $92.47 $121.21 No
Hill's Science Diet Adult Large Breed Lamb Meal & Rice $30.35 $48.52 $63.61 No
Royal Canin Indoor Adult $67.74 $108.30 $141.96 No
Nutro Natural Choice Wholesome Essentials Chicken, Brown Rice & Oatmeal $35.82 $57.27 $75.08 No
Iams Optimal Weight - Chicken $28.66 $45.82 $60.06 No

* All prices collected at PetSmart 82nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon, on September 21, 2015. All bag sizes closest to 5lb. All Pet food brands referred to are the property of the brand cited.

What Hannah Members Say

This place saved my dog. She was diagnosed with pancreatitis and it wasn't looking too great. Luckily they admitted her even though they knew about her ailment and they treated her. After 3 weeks of being hospitalized she is finally back to her happy and playful self. . . Amazing doctors and an incredible staff. I have told countless people that this is where to go if you want great care for [your] Pets.

Tony G. February 2017