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Breed: Saint Bernard Mix
Age: Young
Gender: Male


Tipping the scales at nearly 100 lbs, this young man is nothing short of impressive. Don't let his stoic photo fool you though, he is a complete goofball. With plenty of energy and playfulness to spare, he'd do well in an active home. He loves everyone and everything, so socializing at the park will be a blast for him! While at the rescue he's learned several things, including getting comfortable with a crate. He's still working on basic manners, and will need some puppy classes to refine them. He suffers from a terrible case of the wiggles when he's excited, so he might be best suited for a home with big kids, because he might accidentally knock small kids over in his excitement.


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What Hannah Members Say

My dog somehow gets into every trouble situation known to dog-kind and Hannah has always taken amazing care of my fur baby! His food allergies, skin sensitivities, anxiety, luxating patella, cornea scratches, wasp attacks, dental cleanings, giardia episode, poison ingestion...everything is handled perfectly and immediately. I seriously don't know how he would be alive today because I wouldn't be able to afford all of his vet visits!

Marilyn S. July 2016