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Breed: Great Dane
Age: 2 years
Gender: Male


Standing at 4'4", this gentle giant is impressive to gaze upon. He's even more impressive when you have the opportunity to meet him, and watch him play with his pals at the rescue. He loves playing with the little guys just as much as bigger pups, and is as gentle as can be regardless of who he is playing with. His hobbies include nuzzling 2lb puppies, wowing people with his amazing personality, and couch-lounging. This sensitive and gentle boy will do best in a house that can accommodate his size, as he is definitely an indoor, couch-cuddles type guy.


Hannah The Pet Society 971-717-6023

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What Hannah Members Say

So, after going through the long, confusing review of different pet insurance providers the last week, I can't tell you how much I miss this service. Please come to Hawaii, Hannah! We need you! ...All Pets deserve Hannah level care.

Summer L. May 2017