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Jack and John

Breed: Chihuahua/Terrier/Unknown
Age: 4 months
Gender: Male


Meet Jack and John! These two brothers love running around outdoors, adventuring through the woods, over logs, and into the brush, for as long as they are allowed to. They are very social, and love people and other Pets. Jack (the one with the ears up), and John (the one with the ears down) are both looking for their forever homes today.


Hannah The Pet Society 971-717-6023


What Hannah Members Say

When we adopted Fritz, the shelter explained that we would be his fourth set of owners ... It became clear several weeks after his adoption that Fritz suffers from an anxiety disorder ... Hannah's team of behaviorists, trainers and doctors have been working with Fritz (and us) tirelessly, and the results have been remarkable. Fritz has gone from a nervous wreck to a happy, rambunctious, and confident companion.

Tyler V. November 2016