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Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Age: 4 months
Gender: Female


Holly is a curious little girl, whose hobbies include adventuring, prancing, wagging, kissing, and cuddling. Holly loves meeting new people, and often greets them eagerly, but gets a little shy when strangers want to pick her up and hold her. With continued socialization we are pretty sure Holly will become the social butterfly that she dreams of being. She is working hard on her potty training, and is making great progress!


Hannah The Pet Society 971-717-6023


What Hannah Members Say

The fact is that if I hadn't enrolled Bella on her Total Lifetime Care plan I would have had to make the hardest decision of "can we afford this" and no parent (pet or otherwise) should have to make that choice. My Bella will recover and be her playful self soon and I have Hannah and their team to thank for that!!

Nikki B. March 2017