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Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Age: 7 years
Gender: Female


Violet is a friendly, social girl who loves to spend her time lounging with her favorite people. She is calm cat and not particularly playful, though she does enjoy chasing a laser for a few minutes. Violet is great with babies and kids. She would prefer a home without any rambunctious dogs and only other social, friendly cats. Her favorite activities include snuggling, snuggling, and then more snuggling. She uses her litter box reliably and does not have accidents. In the seven years Violent has been a part of our family she has never once scratched or bitten anyone, including our toddler who is still learning to handle animals gently. Violet does not scratch furniture, but she does like to scratch plush rugs from time to time. Vacuums scare Violet and she would like a separate room to hide in while you are doing any vacuuming. Violet has diabetes and needs a little extra TLC. Her diabetes is well controlled with one insulin shot a day. It is easy to administer her insulin as she does not scratch or even try to run away. She is a vocal kitty who will always greet you with a “meow!” Violet would love a home where she will have lots of human companionship. She is not a kitty who would like being left alone for the weekend. If you are looking for a happy, sweet and patient cat who would like nothing more than to spend time with you then Violet is the cat for you!


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What Hannah Members Say

This place saved my dog. She was diagnosed with pancreatitis and it wasn't looking too great. Luckily they admitted her even though they knew about her ailment and they treated her. After 3 weeks of being hospitalized she is finally back to her happy and playful self. . . Amazing doctors and an incredible staff. I have told countless people that this is where to go if you want great care for [your] Pets.

Tony G. February 2017