Our Oath & Philosophy

Hannah Doctors’ Oath:
Hannah veterinarians promise to never recommend unnecessary care and always recommend what’s best for you and your Hannah Pet, which we will provide without regard to cost.
Our philosophy is simple: We will work as your partner to ensure your Hannah Pet receives all of the care needed to stay healthy, well-behaved and part of your family for as long as possible. Your TLC Plan empowers your veterinary team to focus 100% on providing the best care for your Pet. Recommendations and treatments are always based on what our expert medical team believes is best for your Pet, not what it costs or how much the veterinarian makes. Hannah veterinarians are not paid by how many Pets they see or products they sell at the checkout counter. It’s all about Pet care — period.
With Hannah veterinary services, you can always count on:
The earlier, the better for Pets.
Your Hannah Pet isn’t his usual self. Is he getting sick? Will he get better on his own? With Hannah, you don’t have to wait. Just call or come on in and have the Pet you love checked out. It’s a whole different approach to veterinary care – one focused on preventative care that includes unlimited exams and an always-open door to visit the Hannah Pet medical team.

  • Unlimited examinations can lead to early diagnosis and intervention in conditions like cancer, renal disease, osteoarthritis and periodontal disease when these conditions are more effective to treat. We also recommend Hannah’s Total Lifetime Nutrition to help keep your Pet healthy.
  • Routine parasite preventatives and vaccinations can greatly reduce the risk of many preventable diseases, but should only be prescribed when necessary. Many Pets do not need these chemicals in their bodies, and they should only be prescribed when necessary.
  • Consistent veterinary visits. Hannah makes it possible for Pets to experience the true value of preventative care because Hannah Pet Parents never have to hesitate to bring their Pet to the veterinarian because of concerns about price. Like you, we’re only concerned with what’s best for the Pet.
  • Pick-up Service. Notice something wrong but can’t bring the Pet in? We’ll take care of it by picking the Pet up and having it examined by the veterinary team, who will call you with the recommended treatment.
A dedicated team with a great Petside manner.

You’ll find the Hannah veterinary team to be passionate, smart and caring. You’ll also catch them enjoying their work on a daily basis because they love Pets and live with a Hannah Pet that they love themself. This is veterinary medicine “unleashed” from uncomfortable decisions and conversations about money.