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Hannah the Pet Society announced today that it will begin providing 24-hour emergency veterinary care services to its Members effective September 1, 2016.


Portland, Oregon – August 17, 2016

“Our expansion to provide 24-hour emergency veterinary care marks another advancement as we continue to revamp and enhance services for our Members,” CEO Fred Wich said. “While we already had options for Members to get emergency care when needed, this change will provide for improved continuity of care while also being more convenient for our Members.”

This change is among many the company has instituted in the past year to further its mission of reducing Pet homelessness by eliminating the most common reasons people cite for not having a Pet or for having to give one up.

“Access to affordable health care for Pets has long been one of the top reasons people cite for not having a Pet or having to give one up,” said Wich. “The addition of 24-hour care now gives assurance to our customers that convenient and accessible health care should not be an obstacle to having a Pet either.”

Wich also acknowledged that the need to offer 24-hour service was reinforced by a painful lesson learned by the company in the recent case of a Hannah Pet that had been diagnosed with an inoperable form of cancer.

“Our experience with Buddy and his family taught us that Pets – in this case, a terminally ill one – and their families may need care at any time of the day or night and shouldn’t have to transfer back and forth from hospital to hospital when they are in need of care after normal hours. If we are to provide the full-service, high-quality veterinary care our Members expect, we simply must have the ability to care for Pets 24/7, whenever they need us.”

The centerpiece of Hannah’s service model – the Total Lifetime Companionship Program – provides a new and innovative way for Pet parents to secure comprehensive health care for Pets with one low monthly fee. The growing company has thousands of Members in Portland who enjoy being able to leave the veterinary hospital without a bill.

Additional refinements to the business model and upgrades to services and programs that have recently taken place include advanced new medical equipment, a new CEO and leadership team, new Pet training classes, new phone protocols to improve customer service, and customizable and more affordable Total Lifetime Companionship Plans. These changes all reflect the company’s mission: to help Pets live the longest, healthiest, happiest lives possible with one loving family at a reasonable and sustainable cost.

Hannah’s new 24-hour emergency service for Members will be at the Eastside Health and Education Center, at 10526 SE Washington St., Suite A-103, Portland, OR 97216. It will be staffed by vet techs and on-call veterinarians. Even with this new service, Members will still have the option of getting emergency care elsewhere when they are out of town or when there is a closer option in a medical crisis. Anyone with questions about emergency veterinary services at Hannah should contact the company at 503-905-4696.

About Hannah the Pet Society

Hannah the Pet Society was founded in 2010 with a goal to reduce the number of Pets in humane societies and shelters by removing the barriers that stop families from keeping a Pet or adding a Pet to their family – ultimately helping Pets to live the longest, happiest and healthiest lives possible with one family at a reasonable and sustainable cost. The company also has a charitable arm called Hannah’s Helping Hands that aims to remove financial barriers to provide Pets for veterans and their families along with school classrooms, senior facilities and group homes for those with special needs.

Hannah the Pet Society’s Health and Education Centers are located in Southeast Portland and Tigard. For more information, or to find out how to join, please visit