Lifetime Matching Program

Hannah’s Lifetime Matching Program™
Live happily ever after with the furry love of your life.

We believe there is an ideal family for every Pet and an ideal Pet for every family. That’s why we developed our Lifetime Matching Program, a matching process created exclusively by Hannah with the advice of psychologists, veterinary behaviorists, an personality testing experts. The purpose is to help match you with a Pet that fits you and your family, so the relationship has the best chance of success! Unfortunately without matching, some 40% of Pets adopted directly from shelters end up back in shelters. We believe in the value of a great match so much that we help our members with the process absolutely free of charge.

98% of Hannah Pet Parents plan to keep their Pet for life!

The Lifetime Matching Program is a computer-assisted matching system that evaluates the following:

  • Your personality and the Pet personality that best matches your characteristics, preferences and interests.
  • Your attitudes toward Pet health,relationships and decision making.
  • Your lifestyle, family size and currentPets in your home.
  • The types of Pets that appeal to you the most.
  • Your experience level with Pets.
The matching process is included in your Lifetime Membership Fee.

A Hannah Membership Counselor will help you through the adoption process, and provide guidance along the way. Hannah will educate you not only on the type of Pet that may be your best match, but also where you can go to find a Pet: A shelter, humane society, foster family or other source. When you’ve found the Pet you think is “the one,” we’ll set up an appointment at your nearest Hannah Health & Education Center. During your appointment, we’ll make sure your potential Pet passes the health and behavioral requirements to become a Hannah Pet. If the Pet doesn’t meet these requirements,we’ll continue to work with you to make sure you get the right Pet for you and your life.

In face, you get unlimited matches – as long as you are a Hannah Member.


Our members have formed friendships,provide support for each other, and can dog sit for each other when they goon vacation!


The Lifetime Matching Program process is thought-provoking, fun and very accurate. Your perfect match could be a dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig!