Hannah's Helping Hands

Love. Paw it Forward.

Hannah’s Helping Hands is the nonprofit “paw” of Hannah the Pet Society supporting the mission to help Pets live the longest, healthiest, happiest life in one loving home and to expand the healthy benefits of Pets to more people in our community. A portion of your one-time Lifetime Membership Fee supports the work of this sister organization. Hannah Members love knowing their financial contributions are going directly to local programs, and enjoy making a positive difference by donating their time as volunteers.

Thanks to the generosity of our Members, including team members with payroll deductions, Hannah has donated time, help and money to local charities – including adoption fees.

The more we give, the more we get back.

Hannah’s Helping Hands supports Pet-related programs and organizations in our local community. Members like you participate in many programs that help those less fortunate.

Helping Hand of the Week

Hannah’s Helping Hands, in partnership with Hannah the Pet Society, offers the Helping Hand of the Week program to local animal shelters and rescue groups. Because we recognize that ending Pet homelessness takes a village, the program offers a “helping hand” to rescue groups and organizations who lack their own veterinary resources. The goal of this program is to increase Pet adoptability and decrease euthanasia due to urgent medical issues. Each week, one Pet from the community is selected to receive the medical care it needs at a Hannah Health and Education Center, paid for by Hannah’s Helping Hands. Through our Helping Hand of the Week program, we get to “give back” and be of service to our local rescue and shelter community!

New Life Fund

Hannah’s Helping Hands is dedicated to helping people in our community never have to make the heart-wrenching decision of “economic euthanasia”. To offer as much assistance as possible, they have created The New Life Fund. This life-saving program is for Pets with illnesses or injuries that, with treatment, will have a good to excellent prognosis for long term health.

Pets as Teachers

Hannah’s Helping Hands provides Classroom Pets free of charge to schools in our area, teaching children the fun and responsibility of Pet care! All food, veterinary care, check-ups, supplies and educational materials are provided. HHH volunteers check on the Pets, and teach students about Pet care.

Senior Companions

Hannah’s Helping Hands provides Pets to seniors free of charge at assisted living communities and senior centers to promote better physical and emotional health. Hannah covers all of the costs to care for these Pets. HHH volunteers visit the Pets and residents to ensure the Pets are receiving an appropriate amount of attention.

Pets for Veterans

Our veterans often come home with injuries we can’t see. The warm companionship of a Pet can help heal these internal wounds. Hannah’s Helping Hands provides veterans who are the most in need with the ideal Pet match and all Pet care for a reduced cost. Hannah Pets may help some veterans overcome fear and anxiety as they adjust to life after returning home from war.

Pet Education for Youth

Hannah team members provide education to youth organizations and kids in classrooms about Pet care and how it relates to human health.

What Hannah Members Say

When our dog got cancer, they treated him and us, the owners, with the utmost respect and dignity. They went over every option and never tried to steer us toward the least expensive route just because we were on a monthly plan. Instead, we received regular updates, frequent visits, and personal calls with the veterinarians. This is the best kind of arrangement we could think of. So much is covered under the Hannah plan, and I never have to make choices according to what I can and can't afford.

Cate R. March 2017