What is Retained Pet Ownership and Why Does Hannah Use It?

What is Retained Pet Ownership and Why Does Hannah Use It?

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Every home deserves a happy, healthy Pet. At Hannah the Pet Society, our goal is to give families the benefits of having a Pet in the home without the worry of barriers like high parenthood costs, Pet health insurances premiums and behavioral problems. We simplify Pet parenthood using a retained ownership model, so the only thing you have to do is enjoy the endless love, loyalty and companionship that you’ll receive from your Pet.

Pet Parent Versus Retained Ownership

At Hannah the Pet Society, Pet Parents are Hannah Pet guardians. This means that you care for a Hannah Pet throughout its lifetime, but don’t “own” it during the time the Pet is on the Hannah program.

Legally, Hannah the Pet Society “owns” and therefore bears the responsibility for all the care needed for the Hannah Pet. A Hannah Pet is a Pet that you enroll in the Total Lifetime Care (TLC) Plan, which is actually a lease that outlines all of the responsibilities of Hannah to care for the Pet, and you possess and love the Pet and provide day to day companionship. The Plan is cancellable immediately and completely at any time by you. This helps ensure your confidence that you can make and/or be integrally involved in every health care decision for the Pet any time you want to.

Why Retained Ownership?

Download Our Guide to Understanding Retained Pet Ownership!

Download Our Guide to Understanding Retained Pet Ownership!

Most animals in the United States get all their care from their owners. An animal’s legal owner can provide it with whatever care it needs. As a result, the person that “owns” say a horse and the person that loves it are often different with the rights and responsibilities governed by what is in essence and legally a lease. This type of relationship has worked for hundreds of years and now is available for Pets as a way to decrease Pet healthcare costs for Pet lovers.

Hannah’s retained ownership model assures Pets will get first-class veterinary care (from its legal owner) without the Pet Parent having to worry about costly bills. The efficient, collaborative model keeps overall Pet care costs low and best serves the needs of Hannah Pets and Pet Parents alike.

Unlike Pet health insurance policies under which you pay monthly premiums and have deductibles and copays or regular fee for service care where you pay for every surprise, you simply pay a one-time Membership Fee to participate in Hannah’s TLC Plan, regardless of the number of Pets you own. You then pay a monthly Total Lifetime Companionship/Care (lease) Fee for each Pet you have on the Plan. The monthly rate depends on the type of Pet and its age. This fee covers your companionship with the Pet and obligates the “owner,” Hannah, to provide all the high quality health and behavioral care the pet needs, so you never have to choose between costly veterinary bills and doing what’s best for your Pet – in fact, you won’t even hear or talk about costs because it is Hannah’s responsibility to provide all of the care – whatever you and the veterinarian together decide.

You may enroll your own Pets in the TLC Plan, giving Hannah the responsibility of providing it with the best care throughout its lifetime. While Hannah will have retained ownership of your Pet, Hannah will never take it away from you and you can end the relationship any time you want with all fees prorated to the day you decide Hannah is not right for you. All your risk is removed and it’s in writing in your Agreement.


Retained Ownership Benefits

• Less expensive than the regular fees for service expected over the lifetime of the Pet (less than half)

• Less expensive and far more comprehensive than a Wellness Plan

Less expensive than Pet insurance: Hannah’s retained ownership model has many efficiencies that save money. This allows us to pass most of the savings on to you.

Comprehensive care provided by Hannah to Hannah Pets includes: Unlimited routine and preventive veterinary care, including lab tests and dental care, at Hannah Health & Education Centers

• Specialty and emergency veterinary care at Hannah Health & Education Centers; available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

• Prescriptions from Hannah’s extensive formulary

• Unlimited Pet behavior and training services at Hannah Health & Education Centers

• Free access to a 24/7 PetNurse Helpline

• Invitations to Pet-related events

• Pet re-homing if, for example, your life circumstances change

• Free use of Hannah’s Lifetime Matching Program


Custom Options: Hannah wants to make all aspects of being a Pet Parent simple. For an additional fee, Hannah team members will provide personal services, including:

• Pet food with free delivery

• Cat food and litter with free delivery

• Pet pickup and delivery services in the Pet limo

• Flea, tick and heartworm control at greatly reduced rates

• Pet grooming at Hannah Health & Education Centers (at a 20% discount)

Access to experts: When you partner with Hannah, you never have to face the challenges that come with caring for a Pet on your own. By eliminating one of the greatest burdens of good Pet care – high and unpredicable costs – you will always be able to give your Pet the love and attention it deserves. Hannah is an entire society dedicated to giving you the support that you need to overcome the challenges of being a Pet Parent.

Affordable care for sick or injured Pets: Hannah doesn’t only accept healthy Pets in the TLC Plan. If you have a Pet that needs medical attention at the time you enroll, you only have to pay 50% of the cost to fix the Pet up front (or at your election in 12 equal monthly payments with no interest charges). The remaining 50% is not payable until you leave the Hannah program (or not at all if you stay on the program for the remainder of the Pet’s life).

Give your Pet all the attention that it deserves: Many families love Pets, but skyrocketing vet bills prevent them from giving their beloved companions the veterinary care that they need. Incidentally, the number of preventive care visits at U.S. veterinary clinics has decreased, while ever more expensive emergency vet visits have increased. Hannah eliminates high vet costs so you never have to think twice about giving your Pet the medical attention and routine preventive care it needs. As a result, Hannah Pets are seen twice as often by our vets as the average Pet in the U.S. – Hannah Pets get great care.

Peace of mind: If you ever need to re-home your Pet due to a change in your circumstances, Hannah will gladly help. We will ensure that your Pet goes to a loving home that will give it the same high level of care that you provided.

Hannah’s retained ownership model creates a win-win situation for you and your Pet. When you enroll your Pet in our program, you will always retain your status as a Pet Parent. Your unique partnership with Hannah simply allows you to take great care of your Pet for a fraction of the cost of traditional Pet ownership. Get in touch with a Hannah team member today or visit one of our Health and Education Centers to learn more about the benefits of our TLC Plan and enroll your Pet.

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