What should you do if your dog breaks his leg? Call Hannah!

Sawyer is a Pomeranian mix, or, as his Pet Parent Franco DeJesus puts it: “Eight pounds of sweet, loving personality. We just love him.”

So when Sawyer broke his leg, Franco and his family were thrilled with the Hannah care they received.

“Outstanding, great—that is how I would describe it,” he said. “We were able to get in to see the vet right away, we didn’t have to call around and figure out where to go. That would have made a hard situation even more stressful. We really liked how they handled our emergency, and how everything was covered.”

Quick to point out the benefits of a Hannah membership, Franco explained, “You’re not renting a dog. It’s a partnership. That monthly fee? We more than made up for it after taking care of Sawyer’s broken leg. Then there are the ongoing benefits—well-pet visits, vaccinations, having his food delivered.

“We are proud and happy to be Hannah members.”

Pet ownership a family affair

“Our daughter wanted a dog,” Franco explained. “She wrote a letter saying how much she wanted a dog, how she would be responsible for it.”

When it came time to begin the Pet search, “We heard about Hannah by word of mouth,” he said. So they visited the Washington Square Placement Center—and that is where they first laid eyes on Sawyer. Within a matter of days, they had a new family member, and their bond has grown ever since.

Who loves Sawyer?

Franco and his wife, Icekell Alvarado, and their two children: Aiskel, age 10, and Esai, 13. “He is our first family dog,” Franco enthused. “We just love him! He has a such a zest for life!”

For more information about joining the Hannah family, call our Placement Centers at (503) 905-5200 in Clackamas or (503) 924-6850 in Tigard.

How green is your dog? 7 ways you and your Pets can walk gently on the planet

We love our Pets…and we love the environment. Here are 7 ways you can manage your Pet’s carbon footprint.

  1. Spay or Neuter. With more than 70,000 puppies and kittens born every day in the United States, spaying or neutering your Pet is the fastest and easiest way to balance Pet ownership with environmental kindness. Pet overpopulation is one reason why this procedure is included in your Hannah membership. The other? Spaying and neutering helps your Pet live a longer and healthier life by removing the risk of reproductive cancers, and decreasing the risk of prostate disease.
  2. Scoop that poop. It’s the right thing to do—but aside from that: Fido’s leavings can pollute the water supply and spread disease. For those inveterate gardeners out there, it IS possible to compost Pet waste, but never use it in your vegetable garden. Want to get started? Contact your local nursery.
  3. Let Hannah deliver your Pet food. Save yourself the time and expense of making one more trip to the store. Our monthly delivery service is part of your membership plan, and our bright blue storage bags are recyclable.
  4. Feed better quality food. Many low-end Pet foods are made with leavings not fit for human consumption. Not only that, processing this kind of food is hard on the environment. The Hannah food plan offers excellent options, including a premium quality, locally sourced and produced organic option for your dog.
  5. Choose earth-friendly poop bags. Skip the ones you get at the grocery store. Instead, investigate biodegradable options or use old paper bags. Hint: Better quality food cuts down on Pet waste—yet another reason to enjoy a Hannah membership.
  6. Make your own Pet toys. Cats love cardboard boxes, dogs can play with old socks. Repurposing household items into toys cuts down on household waste and can save you money. Be sure to check with Hannah’s veterinarians or expert trainers for tips on creating toys that train as well as entertain.
  7. Four legs, one very warm heart. With less than five months until Christmas, consider cozying up with your very own built-in furnace. Before sharing your bed, make sure your companions are up-to-date on flea and tick prevention. Of course, flea, tick and heartworm prevention are part of your Hannah plan.

At Hannah, we are passionate about building strong, lasting relationship between Pets and Pet parents. That is why we developed the Total Lifetime Care program. On this program, Hannah members enjoy the benefits of all-inclusive veterinary care, Pet food delivered directly to their home and lifetime behavioral training.

Here is what one member has to say:

Hannah Pet Society is an amazing service for those who love their pets and want the best care for them if they are sick or injured. I have 4 animals on the plan and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Knowing no matter what my animals will be cared for if needed, with no additional cost out of pocket it gives you a peace of mind. My cat was hit by a car and broke his leg. They were able to keep him a couple days and keep him comfortable. Then gave me options for his care. One involved surgery and the other a splint for 3-4 weeks. I opted for the splint and he is 100% recovered. Another cat has had 2 surgeries no money out of pocket. My Labradoodle has an issue with his colon that they have been monitoring and working diligently for a solution. They go above and beyond. Thank you Hannah!
–Sonja S.

For more information about joining the Hannah family, call our Placement Centers at (503) 905-5200 in Clackamas or (503) 924-6850 in Tigard.

Hannah Brings Yappy Hour to Senior Living Community

Get ready for monthly Yappy Hour!
Residents of Courtyard Village Vancouver recently celebrated “Yappy Hour” with Hannah the Pet Society. Geared to celebrate the joys of Pet companionship, Yappy Hour will take place monthly at this location.
Dog of the Month
Is your Pet the best? Of course! And there is even a fancy gift basket to prove it. Every month residents will be entered to win a “dog of the month” competition. Top prize: A gift basket valued at $100, donated by Hannah the Pet Society.
Want a Yappy Hour of your own?
We have plenty of ideas to help you create a paws-itively purr-fect event. Contact Laura Hernandez: Laura.Hernandez@HannahSociety.com

Six FUN things to do with your dog this summer

The Dog Days of Summer are almost here—and if you’re like so many Hannah families, your kids and fur-faced family members are yammering (and yapping) for something fun to do. Don’t forget to pack water and extra treats for the whole crew, plus your Pet’s leash, pickup bags, and extra towels.

Here are six of our best ideas.

  1. Hit the trail. Plan a day trip to the Oregon coast or a quick jaunt through Forest Park.
  2. Visit the dog park. There are more than 30 dog parks in the Portland metro area that have an off-leash area. Your dog is also welcome, on-leash, at any park. Don’t forget to pick up after your Pet!
  3. Take a dog training class. Pet etiquette is a must because not all dogs want to romp and roll. Learn how to respect other Pet personalities in Hannah’s free training classes.
  4. Walk for a cause. Sign up for a 5K quick-step that is open to kids and Pets. Choose an event where proceeds support animal welfare. You’ll raise money for a good cause—and tire out your pooch. (Remember, a tired dog is a happy dog!)
  5. Plan a photo shoot. Use your smart phone to snap candid shots or shoot video. If your budget allows, hire a photographer for studio quality results.
  6. Yappy Hour. Only in Portland is your dog welcome where minors aren’t. If you are so inclined, you can spend a happy Yappy Hour at more than 65 pubs and restaurants in the metro area.

At Hannah, we are passionate about building strong, lasting relationship between Pets and Pet parents. That is why we developed the Total Lifetime Care program. On this program, Hannah members enjoy the benefits of all-inclusive veterinary care, Pet food delivered directly to their home and lifetime behavioral training.

Here is what one member has to say:

My dog was saved by Hannah after swallowing a chicken bone. Thanks to Hannah, he received emergency care and his life was saved. I can’t imagine anything worse than sitting in a waiting room, wondering if my dog is going to make it while also wondering if I have enough money in my checking account to pay this bill. With Hannah, I never have to pay a bill. Everything (even this emergency procedure and all of the meds and appointments that followed) is covered by Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program!
Jerry G, Portland, OR.

For more information about joining the Hannah family, call our Placement Centers at (503) 905-5200 in Clackamas or (503) 924-6850 in Tigard.

Hannah scores “A” rating with Better Business Bureau. Here’s one reason why.

What’s it like being a Hannah member?

For those in the know: Hannah is an all-inclusive veterinary care provider. In addition to high quality vet care, we also deliver Pet food right to our members’ homes and provide lifetime behavioral training.

What drives us?  Our goal is to make Pet care easier—and more affordable—for our members.It’s an innovative approach to Pet care, designed to deliver a worry-free experience. Hannah members enjoy the love of their Pet without having to worry about unanticipated Pet health care costs, or changes in their circumstances that could make keeping their Pet difficult.

Our members agree–they share their story, and ours, far and wide. We thought we’d share the joy that we help bring to Pet parents–and their furry companions–with you.

Review: Better Business Bureau

I can’t say enough good things about Hannah the Pet Society. I have a Chihuahua that jumped off of my couch and broke her leg. I took her to my vet (Banfield) where I have a wellness plan. I thought this emergency would be covered. IT WAS NOT! I got an estimate of $1500 to amputate her leg. I do not have that much money. They told me to put her to sleep if I couldn’t afford the surgery. I took her home totally distraught. I tried to get care credit and called every vet around to see if they would do a payment plan. The ONLY one that would help me was Hannah the Pet Society. Not only did they let me sign up my dog with a broken leg but they were able to save her leg! I paid a $39 enrollment fee and pay $184 a month for 12 months and then it will be $84 a month. They didn’t even charge me interest. I LOVE Hannah the pet society!

Sarah W, 2015

Dog Bloat: Hannah Saves Bruce’s Life

Bruce is a five-year-old Great Dane. His Pet parent is Hannah Member Donna Heimbuch.

About a month ago he got dog bloat, and Hannah provided life-saving emergency surgery and aftercare for her regular monthly fee.

Bloat happens when a dog’s stomach fills with gas, food or fluid, causing it to expand and put painful pressure on other organs. Bloat is a serious, potentially fatal, condition.

This is Bruce’s story, in Donna’s own words. We’ve also included some advice on how to protect your own Pet. If you suspect your dog has bloat, please contact Hannah immediately: 360-816-8000

Bruce Gets Bloat

“As pets will be drinking more water in this heat, I wanted to share what happened to Bruce. I’ve always elevated his food for fear of bloat, so his water was always next to it. I didn’t realize that water is just as big a culprit as food.

Bruce was really excited and drinking quickly at his elevated dish. Literally within minutes his stomach started getting tight, kind of like a balloon that had too much air. His posture started changing, it was contorting. I still didn’t think bloat because he hadn’t been eating.

For the next 20 minutes or so he tried to throw up. He had more body contortions—and that is when I realized it had to be bloat. His gums were already turning grey. I drove him to the vet and they operated on him.”

Shout out to Hannah the Pet Society!

“This is where Hannah comes in. Without them I would have had to say “no” to the surgery for Bruce. There is no way I could have afforded the surgery and aftercare. (Bloat surgery can cost between $2,000-$4,000.)

As I look at this goofy guy and enjoy each day with him, I remember sitting in the waiting room, feeling afraid and wondering if he would make it.

I’m so grateful to Hannah Society! Thank you for saving Bruce!

Also a big shout out to St. Francis Emergency Hospital whose staff of doctors and nurses got us right in and took care of the Brumeister. The team effort between the two hospitals was truly amazing.”
—Donna Heimbuch

What’s behind dog bloat?

It’s a scary scene: Not long after eating, sometimes followed by rambunctious play, your dog’s stomach begins to swell. Pretty soon he (or she) is
• Pacing or acting restless
• Drooling
• Trying to vomit—with no success

As Donna can attest to, the symptoms rapidly worsen. Your dog might experience
• Pale gums
• Rapid heartbeat
• Shortness of breath
• Overall weakness or fatigue

Bloat usually comes on quickly, is extremely painful, and does not resolve on its own. If you see any of these symptoms, call us at Hannah! 360-816-8000

What causes dog bloat?
Bloat can be caused by a variety of reasons:
• Eating from a raised food bowl
• Having one large meal a day
• Eating too quickly
• Running or playing immediately after feeding
• Eating or drinking too much

While any dog can get bloat, it is much more common in deep-chested, large breed dogs like Akitas, Boxers, Basset Hounds, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Gordon and Irish Setters, Weimaraners, and St. Bernard’s.

If you think your dog has bloat, or is having any of these symptoms, please call us! 360-816-8000.

Hannah the Pet Society provides an all-inclusive Pet care package called Total Lifetime Care, which covers all veterinary care (including prevention, vaccinations, dental care, surgeries, emergencies, medications, spay/neutering, etc.), behavioral training and food delivered right to your door. To learn more about Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program, or to talk to one of our Pet Counselors about finding the perfect Pet for you, please visit us at Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square Mall.

How to make July 4th Safer for Dogs and Cats

Snap, crackle, BOOM! Celebrating our nation’s independence often terrifies dogs and cats. You can keep them safe with a bit of planning and a large dose of compassion.

Here are some ideas to try.
• Hold a Fireworks Party. When you first hear fireworks, or realize your Pet is afraid of loud noises, make it a game. Reward your Pet with a treat and excitedly explain, “It’s a fireworks party!” Build the association between loud noise and a positive outcome. It’s also a good idea to make a Fireworks Party part of puppy training. Done consistently, this could help your dog to avoid future noise-related anxiety.
• Desensitize your dog. Another take on the Fireworks Party, Pet Parents can desensitize and counter-condition their dog to loud noises. Certain sounds (fireworks, thunder, planes flying overhead) are played at a low level so your dog hears it but does not have a negative response. A high-value reward is offered during or immediately after the sound is played. Gradually increase the sound until your dog makes the connection between loud sound and reward. Note: This process can take some time and is not always effective. If it’s not working, stop and try something else.
• Create a safe place. Your dog or cat should always have a place of refuge in your home. That could be their kennel, a closet, or under the bed. Allow your Pet to seek refuge in a dark, quiet spot and keep these places accessible. Turning on the television or a mellow radio station will help drown out the sound of those bombs bursting in air.
• Consider medication. Just like their human counterparts, some Pets suffer severe anxiety attacks. If your Pet is panting or shaking uncontrollably, refusing food and water, give us a call. This may be an extreme case in which medication such as Trazadone or Acempromazine would greatly assist in calming and comforting your Pet.

Other Steps to Take:
• Play with your Pet. A tired Pet is a calm Pet. When playtime is over, move your dog or cat to a quiet place.
• Put a collar on! It’s not unusual for dogs and cats to beat feet out of a fenced yard. Make sure they are wearing a well-fitted collar with an ID tag. Better yet—microchip your Pet! Hannah microchips all Pets on the Total Lifetime Care plan. We can also fetch your lost Pet, let us tell you how.
• Leave your furry friends at home. Put them in a kennel, with plenty of chew toys for distraction, or leave with a pet sitter.
• Try a Thundershirt. These use gentle compression to calm your dog. You can also make one at home. Take an old t-shirt, put your dog’s front legs through the arm holes, then knot the hem over his back.

Pet Parents are the best advocates for their dogs. If you know your dog has anxiety problems and you’ve tried these ideas with little result, anxiety medication can be prescribed. Hannah members are urged to make an appointment by calling 360-816-8000. If you are not a member, but would like more information about fireworks anxiety or about joining Hannah, please give us a call.

5 Tips for Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Pack some kibble, grab a leash and create a comfy spot under your desk, because this Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Now in its 17th year, TYDTWDay is an annual event sponsored by Pet Sitters International. It was created to celebrate dogs and to promote adoption.

Hannah participates — every day!  

The ability to bring our Pets to work is one of the perks of being a Hannah Team Member. This allows our Pets to interact and socialize with hundreds of other Pets and people every week.

Because we are experts in animal behavior and training, visiting one of our Health & Education or Placement Centers will show you how we can help you have a well-behaved furry family member of your own.

5 Tips for a doggone good day

Research shows that people who complete a difficult task in the company of a loving Pet are less likely to feel the effects of extreme stress and anxiety.  Also, Pets can help to create a more positive, fun and energetic work environment, leading to greater morale and higher productivity.

Here are 5 ways to make it happen:

  1. Before bringing your Pet, make sure it’s ok!  Check with your supervisor and coworkers to ensure there are no policy, safety or health concerns.
  2. Your Pet will be there all day.  Make sure to provide food, water and something to keep them occupied, such as a peanut butter Kong, rawhide chews or a food puzzle.
  3. Set aside time to stretch all six legs every few hours.  That could mean taking a few laps around the building, or if there is a safe area to do so, play a quick game of fetch.
  4. Your Pet may be one who will stay by your side, no matter what.  But in the workplace, it’s important to keep your Pet leashed, not only for your Pet’s safety, but also out of courtesy for your coworkers.
  5. Provide a comfortable spot for your Pet to rest, such as under your desk or work-station, or if you work outdoors, under a cool shady spot.  (If you drive for a living, a pet can be a great traveling companion.  Just remember never to leave your furry family members in a hot car!)

Looking for that perfect Pet to accompany you throughout your life?  Hannah can help!  All of the Pets we place are tested for behavioral safety and checked for any apparent veterinary concerns.  Not only that, but we provide an all-inclusive Pet care package called Total Lifetime Care, which covers all veterinary care (including prevention, vaccinations, dental care, surgeries, emergencies, medications, spay/neutering, etc.), behavioral training and food delivered right to your door.

To learn more about Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program, or to talk to one of our Pet Counselors about finding the right Pet for you, please visit us at Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square Mall

Happy Tails! How to Have a Great Road Trip with Your Dog

School’s out! And that means the first day of summer is almost here. What better way to spend those lazy, hazy, crazy days than on a road trip? Whether it’s a weekend at a campsite or a pilgrimage to some famous national park, a long drive is a great way to bond with your kids, and the family fur-face.

Here is how to make sure your Happy Trails includes Happy Tails.

Be sure to bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination records, especially proof that the rabies shot is current. You’ll likely need to show these records at a hotel, boarding facility or doggie daycare.

Collar, Tags and Microchip. At an absolute minimum, make sure your dog is sporting his collar and an ID tag. At Hannah, we never want you to lose your Pet, which is why each and every Hannah Pet is microchipped! Our Total Lifetime Care program includes microchipping and registration. Plus, vaccinations and well-pet checkups are also covered.

For every potty break, make sure you leash your pet—before you open the car door. Temptations abound, and even the best-mannered dogs will be off and running if you’re not careful.

Pack your dog’s favorite food—plus a few gallons of the water he is used to drinking. Any kind of tummy upset is no fun for a dog, or the Pet parent charged with cleanup duty. Before you go, check with your Hannah vet for some additional how-to’s about caring for a sick pet. And if your dog is prone to travel sickness? Your Hannah vet can suggest remedies, even prescribe a gentle sedative, to make the ride easier. PS—Hannah can also help you pack a First Aid kit for your dog.

Bring along a set (or two) of seat covers, blankets, and towels. It’s a dirty world out there, and your dog will use any excuse to get grimy. Bonus hint: Stash a roll of quarters…just in case you pass a laundromat.

For us, sleeping in a different bed each night is part of the fun. For some dogs, not so much. Having the security of their own bed, favorite blanket or toy can ease anxiety, both on the road and when you get to the hotel. Bringing your Pet’s kennel is the best security blanket of all.

Road trips are all about the journey…at least that’s what we tell ourselves. But for our dogs, that long stretch of from here to there, cooped up in a car, is boring. Make sure you pack a variety of toys that will keep your Pet amused and calm.

Double check your hotel reservations. Presumably you did that before you hit the road, but it’s still good to verify:

  • If the hotel accepts Pets
  • How many Pets are allowed
  • Is there a weight limit
  • How much are the deposits
  • Are there any other rules the hotel asks Pet owners to follow.

Since you can’t leave your Pet alone in a hotel room, it’s also a good idea to see if pet sitting services are available.

Bon Voyage!

Hannah members enjoy an all-inclusive Pet care plan that includes all veterinary care, high-quality food delivered right to your front door, and lifetime behavioral training. To learn more about Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program, or if you are looking for that perfect Pet, please visit us at Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square Mall. You can also contact our Member Services Team at 360-816-8000.

Knee Surgery Gives Kona a New Lease on Life

Matt Davis has a unique relationship with Hannah.

He is the director of Employee Benefits for RiskPoint Insurance Advisors and Hannah is one of his clients.

“When I started working with Hannah, I thought the program sounded pretty cool. I already had a dog, and I talked about becoming a member,” he said.

“I never did anything about it, and a few months later, Kona blew out her knee.

“We found out it would cost about $5,500 to get it fixed. That’s a lot of money, and we were agonizing over the decision. Meanwhile, the dog is hobbling around. It’s not a life-threatening condition, but she was also never going to be the same dog again.”

A few weeks later, Matt was again at Hannah. “I was thinking, ‘I wish I had joined Hannah back then, because the surgery would have been covered.'”

Much to his surprise, Matt found out he could become a member, even with Kona’s pre-existing condition. Not only that, Hannah put together a plan that allowed Matt and his family to pay for the surgery over time.

“It was like getting a no-interest loan for two years,” he said. “They just added the cost to my monthly plan.”

The good news: The surgery was a phenomenal success. “She is the same dog she was before, she goes a million miles an hour, she jumps and plays. You can’t tell she had the surgery or that she was ever hurt,” Matt said.

Even better: Future peace of mind. “I found out when she had the surgery that there is a better than 50 percent chance she will blow out the other knee. If that happens, it won’t be a pre-existing condition and the second surgery will be covered, I won’t have to pay extra to have it done,” Matt said.

Overall, Hannah membership has been a great experience. “It is great knowing that we have protection if anything happens to her. It won’t be a huge financial burden for us,” Matt said.

About Kona’s Surgery
Kona, an eight-year-old black lab, tore her cranial cruciate ligament, also commonly referred to as the dog ACL. While there are several available options to treat this condition, the best, and generally the most expensive, solution is Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO).

This is a painful, chronic condition and it can severely diminish a dog’s quality of life. Most dogs with a torn ACL avoid putting weight on the leg. TPLO surgery is unique because it completely alters the dynamics of the knee and minimizes the risk of reoccurrence.

“If you saw her today, you’d never believe she had this major surgery. The recovery period was tough, but the results have been amazing, well worth it,” Matt said.

“We’re so glad to be Hannah members!”