World Spay Day

Puppy jumping on the beachOn February 24th, the Pet care world recognized the 21st anniversary of World Spay Day!

The importance of spaying and neutering your Pets can never be overstated.  In fact, it may be one of the most important decisions a Pet parent can make when it comes to the long-term health and welfare of their Pets as well as the Pet community at large.

Here are just three of the most important reasons to spay or neuter your Pet:

–          Across the U.S, the staggering number of homeless Pets is a real problem.  Each year, about 6-8 million cats and dogs enter shelters in this country.  Of those, approximately half are euthanized due over-population, space constraints and budgetary restrictions.  But there is a simple solution to over-population: prevention!  Spaying and neutering your Pet eliminates the risk of unexpected and unwanted litters.

–          This may surprise you, but spaying/neutering can increase your Pet’s lifespan.  According to one study, neutered male dogs live an average of 18% longer than unaltered males.  Spayed females can live up to 23% longer than un-spayed females.  One reason for this difference is that altering your Pet can help reduce the risk of cancer in the reproductive system.  Another reason is that an altered Pet has a decreased urge to roam, thereby reducing the risk of injury or illness.

–          Behavior is of primary concern to most Pet parents.  Spaying/neutering can help to curb many unwanted behaviors.  After Pets are altered, parents see a noticeable improvement in areas such as aggression, unwelcome assertiveness, excessive barking, mounting and marking.

So why would a Pet parent decide not to spay or neuter?  The primary reason given many is cost.  This is, afterall, a surgery that requires anesthesia, medications and a follow-up appointment or two and can be a bit pricey.  Often, this cost reaches into the hundreds!

How much of this cost do Hannah members pay?  For a low monthly fee, Hannah members enjoy all the benefits of Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program.  Our plan covers all veterinary care, including vaccinations, medications, spaying, neutering, emergencies, surgeries, dentals, and preventative care.  It also includes all food, delivered directly to your home, and behavioral training!

To learn more about how you can enroll your Pets into Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program, please visit our Placement Centers at Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square Mall.

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Hannah Celebrates Adopt-a-Rabbit Month!

Wild_Rabbits_at_Edinburgh_ZooThe popularity of rabbits as Pets is on the rise!  In fact, according to one estimation, there are over 2.2 million households that enjoy the company of a Pet rabbit.  This number has risen substantially over the past 20 years.  It’s difficult to identify the reason behind this spike, but some speculate that the rise of the internet has made it easier for potential Pet parents searching for the right Pet to learn about the benefits of rabbit companionship.

Here are some fun facts about rabbits that will probably come as a surprise to many:

–          The domestication of rabbits is a relatively new phenomena, especially compared to dogs and cats, both of which began their journey to domestication thousands of years ago.  Evidence of rabbits inhabiting the homes of humans only dates back to the 18th century.

–          Believe it or not, rabbits have very distinct personalities.  Some rabbits can be playful and affectionate, like a dog.  Others will display traits which are aloof and independent, like a cat.

–          There are approximately 50 recognized breeds of domesticated rabbits, each possessing a distinct size, body type, coat, ear shape and disposition.

–          Like their dog and cat counterparts, it is important to spay and neuter your Pet rabbits.  Not only does this reduce over-population and unnecessary euthanasia, but it also helps to curtail unwanted behaviors.  Intact males tend to spray, while females can be dominant and territorial.  Spaying and neutering may not prevent these behaviors completely, but it can go a long way in minimizing them.

If you’ve thought about adding a Pet rabbit to your family, Hannah can help!  Maybe you have questions about whether a rabbit is the right Pet for you and your family.  Hannah Placement Counselors are available to discuss these and other questions.

Maybe you already have a rabbit (or dog, or cat!) and you’d like to enroll your four-legged family member in Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program.  With Hannah’s TLC, your Pet will benefit from all of the Pet care needed to live a long, happy, healthy life, including complete veterinary care, food delivery directly to your home (including bedding and hay if you’re a rabbit parent) and behavioral training for dogs and cats!

To learn more about how you can enroll your Pets into Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program, please visit our Placement Centers at Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square Mall.

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Give Your Pet a Special Valentine This Year

She's my best friend!How much do you love your Pet?

Our Pets are members of our families.  We love them, protect them, provide food, toys, shelter and care for them.  We even clean up after them!  And in exchange, our Pets give us so much more.  They keep us grounded; they make our lives easier and provide immeasurable amounts of joy and fun; they reduce our stress and they make our lives richer.

For these and so many other reasons we only want the best for our Pets.  This Valentine’s Day, do something to show your Pets how much you truly love them.  Here are a few ideas:

–          A nice long hike is always a welcome departure from the day-to-day.  We are fortunate to live in a region that is rich with outdoor possibilities.  If you have a dog that loves the outdoors and long walks, get out and explore some of the beautiful scenery that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  But remember to always keep your Pet leashed and bring along plenty of water and snacks!

–          Give your Pet a new healthy treat or interactive toy.  There are many wonderful, healthy treats that your Pet will love and are highly nutritious.  Or try a new puzzle toy that will challenge and stimulate, such as a laser pointer for cats or a Kong puzzle or wobbler for dogs

–          Give your Pet a long day at the dog park followed by a trip to one of the areas Pet friendly restaurants, pubs or coffee shops.  We live in an area that embraces the Pet-friendly lifestyle.  Spending a day playing ball at the park with her and then taking her with you for an afternoon of relaxing and socializing at your favorite cool-down spot is a great way to spend any day!

–          Enrolling your Pet in Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program is a gift that will provide care, training and high-quality Pet food for a lifetime.  Hannah Pets get it all: complete veterinary care (including vaccinations, medications, dentals, emergencies, surgeries and all other veterinary care services), Pet food delivered directly to your door, and top-of-the-line behavioral training, all for a low monthly fee!

To learn more about how you can enroll your Pets into Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program, please visit our Placement Centers at Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square Mall.

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Resolve to Give Your Pet the Best Care Possible in 2015

He's a big healthy boy!There are two types of Pet parent in the world: those who have faced unexpected and exorbitant veterinary bills, and those who will.  It is an unavoidable fact that Pets get sick, they get injured and they occasionally require some form of major medical attention.

Times like these are the reason behind Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program.  With Hannah’s TLC, members not only receive an all-inclusive veterinary care plan, which includes preventative care, vaccinations, dentals, medications, emergencies and surgeries (among many other services), but also high quality Pet food delivered right to your door and lifetime behavioral training.

Here are some other tips for keeping your Pet safe, healthy and happy in 2015:

–          Remember, your Pet’s diet is the primary contributor to great or poor health!  A diet high in vitamins, protein and all of the good stuff Pets need will help your Pet live a long and healthy life.  While low quality food full of fillers is almost like feeding them a steady diet of junk food, which can lead to a variety of health issues, stress and low energy.

–          Exercise is important!  Your Pet needs to get outdoors, take a walk, a run and explore the world outside.

–          There are a number of common dangers around the house, which can be easily avoided by keeping power cords out of reach, stowing dangerous foods and snacks and avoiding houseplants that can cause illness or death if ingested.

–          Training is key!  Think training has nothing to do with the health of your Pet?  Think again!  A well-trained Pet is less likely to run out into the middle of the road; or jump on the counter and eat the entire box of chocolate; or chew fabrics that can cause intestinal damage.

–          Enrolling your Pet in Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program is the best way to provide top quality Pet care at an affordable value!

To learn more about how you can enroll your Pets into Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program, please visit our Placement Centers at Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square Mall.

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National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

iStock_000023764675catWe’ve said it before; there seems to be a day, week or month to commemorate everything.  Following Dress Your Pet Day and Train Your Dog Month, today Hannah Society is celebrating National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day!

Whether you’re a “cat person” or not, it’s natural to observe a cat and wonder exactly what they’re thinking.  To celebrate this special day, Hannah has compiled a list of questions and answers about our feline friends.  Questions are the easy part; it’s the answers that are hard.  Afterall, cats are still a mystery to us, even after thousands of years of domestication.  So, let’s tackle some of these together.  And remember, if you have a cat and you need help with these questions, health concerns or behavioral issues, Hannah is here to help!

–          Why do I get hairballs?  Hairballs are a common problem for cats and cat parents, especially for our long-haired friends.  Cats like to be clean, and cleaning themselves leads to hairballs.  It’s natural, but it’s messy and can be quite uncomfortable for them.  Lots of brushing and a diet high in fiber can help.

–          My breath is awful!  What can I do?  Bad breath in cats is an indication of gingivitis, which can lead to loss of teeth and disease.  Regular brushing and dental exams and cleanings are the best way to prevent these common problems.  With Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program, members receive dentals, as well as all other medical procedures, such as vaccinations, emergencies and surgeries , for one low monthly fee.

–          I’m a talker!  What am I trying to tell my Pet parent?  There are a number of reasons why cats meow.  Maybe she’s hungry, hurt, in heat or stressed.  But often, they meow because they want your attention.  Remember to spend time playing with, cuddling, brushing and petting your cat.  They’re social animals and they need your companionship!

–          I’m an indoor cat.  Do I really need an annual exam?  Yes!  Like humans, a cat’s body changes with age.  A yearly exam, like those provided by Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care Program, can help you to identify and treat any problems that may arise.

–          I want to get out and roam.  Should you let me?  It’s not advisable.  Indoor cats can get lost or hurt as a result of not being familiar with the world outside.  Instead, leave the blinds open in a window where she can soak up some sun and watch the world go by.

Have more questions?  We have answers!  Hannah’s TLC program not only provides all-inclusive healthcare, but it also includes behavior classes and private consultations and high-quality Pet food delivered right to your door.

To learn more about how you can enroll your Pets into Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program, please visit our Placement Centers at Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square Mall.

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National Train Your Dog Month

DSC_3125-EditDid you know that January is National Train Your Dog Month?  This month we examine the benefits of training your Pet and why it’s so very important.

At Hannah, we believe that a well-trained dog is a happy and healthy dog.  That’s why we’ve made behavioral training one of the three main components of our Total Lifetime Care program.  Along with all-inclusive veterinary care and high-quality Pet food, Hannah members also receive adult and puppy classes, on-leash classes and private behavior consultations with our staff of Pet behavior experts.

So, why is training so important?

–          Well, first, there is the simple fact that it’s easier to live with a well-behaved Pet.  Ever live with a dog who digs in the yard, chews furniture and shoes, or jumps up to greet people?  Your life and that of your family will simply be easier if you invest the time and energy it takes to raise a well-behaved dog or puppy.  But remember, your dog should be allowed to be a dog!  In other words, dogs need to chew and play.  So it’s important to teach them the appropriate outlets for these activities, such as chewing on their toys only.

–          Think you’re the only one in this relationship who values the companionship between you and your dog?  Think again!  Your Pet wants and needs that bond as much as you do.  The act of training your Pet can help to build and strengthen this bond.  And a well-trained, socialized Pet will enjoy a deeper bond and more time with you and your family.

–          Safety First!  Ever encounter a dog that simply does not listen?  Imagine that dog getting loose on a busy street while the Pet parent chases and calls her.  Training is the key to avoiding the risks associated with a dog that doesn’t listen.  Well-trained Pets will come when called and more importantly, are less likely to behave in ways that can cause injury.

–          Ever notice those well-behaved dogs walking down a busy street?  They don’t jump on people walking by or bark at cars or try to break free of their leash when they see a cat.  These are dogs that have been trained to be in social environments and as a result, they are spending more time with their Pet parent and more time outdoors.  They are also, more than likely, getting more exercise which will lead to longer lives and lower stress levels than Pets that have to stay indoors or in the back yard all day due to poor training and behavior.

Your Pet deserves to live a long, happy, healthy life.  We can help!  Our team of world-class behaviorists and trainers are on-hand to provide everything from simple over-the-phone advice to one-on-one consultations to address a wealth of behavior-related problems.

To learn more about how you can enroll your Pets into Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program, please visit our Placement Centers at Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square Mall.

It’s Dress Your Pet Day!

tumblr_inline_mqz8irS2l41qz4rgpIt seems there is a day to commemorate everything.  January alone contains Argyle Day, J.R.R. Tolkein Day, Rubber Duckie Day and of course, Fruitcake Toss Day!

But today is one commemorative day that we at Hannah always look forward to: National Dress Your Pet Day!  That’s right Pet parents, it’s time to find or create the perfect outfit for your furry family members.

Dressing your Pet is a fun and easy way to not only bond with your Pets, but also to find fun ways of keeping them warm and cozy!  Here are a few ideas and a tip or two to keep in mind when choosing the perfect outfit for your Pet:

–          Recycling that costume from Halloween or the Holidays is a great idea!  Just remember, your Pet may not be comfortable with clothing or accessories that limit range of motion or vision.  That Batman cowl looks adorable in the ad, but it may not be the best choice for your Pet, creating limited vision and possibly anxiety.

–          Keep it simple!  Sometimes the most adorable outfit is also the simplest and the most comfortable.  You may love a wool scarf and matching cap for yourself, but most Pets are already wearing a fur coat, so stick with a simple pullover.

–          It’s sweater weather!  While it hasn’t been an unusually cold winter, we are experiencing some chilly weather here in the northwest.  Why not find a nice, light sweater to keep your Pet warm?  One more layer couldn’t hurt!

–          Remember the old “reduce, reuse, recycle” campaign?  Well, it’s still a great slogan to live by and it can easily be applied to the act of dressing your pet.  Take an old t-shirt or one of the kids’ old coats.  You’d be surprised how easily these can be altered to fit your Pets!

–          Get out there and show them off!  Yeah, it’s cold out there, but your Pets still need to get out and stretch their legs and sniff some fresh air.  Slip that new sweater on them and get outdoors!

Need more ideas?  Visit Hannah’s Facebook community to swap pics, stories and crafty ideas for your Hannah Pet.  Remember, Hannah is not only a great resource for providing your Pet with all-inclusive vet care, pet food delivered directly to your door and lifetime behavioral training (all for one low monthly fee), it’s also a community of like-minded Pet parents who love their furry family members and want to share their experiences with others.

To learn more about joining the Hannah family, or to meet some of the wonderful Hannah Pets who are looking for loving forever homes, please visit our Placement Centers at Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square Mall.

Bring Your Pets in from the Cold!


As winter temperatures continue to rise and fall here in the Pacific Northwest, we at Hannah wanted to stop and remind our readers about some important measures to take to keep your Pets healthy, warm and happy.

We’ve written a few blogs highlighting the risks of hot weather, such as leaving Pets in the car or outdoors without shade or water.  But cold weather can be equally risky.  And a few simple tips can help Pet parents to prevent injury, illness and pain in their furry family members.

–          First, think about how your own body reacts to extreme cold.  If you’re someone with arthritis or a joint pain condition, you know that cold weather can increase an already painful ailment.  The same is true for your Pets.  Cold weather can make joints and muscle tissue in older Pets extremely stiff and often quite painful.  If this sounds like your Pet, try reducing outdoor activity and provide more indoor exercise where older Pets will be warmer.

–          Keep Pets indoors at night.  At Hannah, we believe that family Pets should be indoors during the day and at night.  This is particularly important during colder months when temperatures can drop so low as to cause major injury or even death.

–          Younger and more athletic Pets often enjoy a good run in the cold or snow.  This can not only be a great source of exercise and mental stimulation, but it’s also a great deal of fun!  Just remember that while you have a warm, comfortable pair of boots on your feet, your Pet is barefoot, so it’s important to check frequently for signs of injury or damage such as cracked paws or bleeding.  Or get your dog paw boots.  These are especially good for dogs like retrievers that have fur between their toes where snow and ice can accumulate and cause pain and limping on walks.

–          Play dress up!  Pets with shorter coats and thinner skins can benefit from a heavy sweater or a coat.

–          Always have a back-up plan.  No matter how many precautions we take, there is always a risk of injury with regard to our Pets.  That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place, just in case something goes wrong.  Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care Program is just such a plan.  With Hannah’s TLC, members enjoy an all-inclusive veterinary care plan (including prevention, vaccinations, parasite controls, dentals, medications, emergencies and surgeries), high-quality Pet food delivered directly to your door, and lifetime behavioral training, all for one low monthly fee!

So stay warm this winter and remember, Hannah is here to help!

To learn more about how you can enroll your Pets into Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program, or to meet some of the wonderful Hannah Pets who are looking for loving forever homes, please visit our Placement Centers at Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square Mall.

Resolve to Improve Your (and Your Pet’s) Health!

Labrador and Trainer with Dog Chew Toy at ParkEach New Year allows us the opportunity to assess those areas where we can make changes and improvements in our lives.  For many, these changes often involve making a decision to implement new exercise regimens, improving diets or limit certain behaviors.

This year, consider a New Year’s Resolution that will not only improve your own health, longevity and happiness, but also that of your Pet!  Like us, our Pets require regular exercise to stay healthy, mentally stimulated and reduce stress levels.  Here are a few New Year Resolutions that will not only improve fitness levels, but will also create valuable bonding time for you and your Pet.

–          A daily run or brisk walk that pushes us physically can help increase the heart-rate, burn calories and provide the mental stimulation needed by us and our Pets.

–          Dogs are social beings and need to interact with others.  Make a resolution to bring your Pet to the dog park at least once a week.  There, they will learn valuable social skills, run and play with other dogs, and get the exercise they need.

–          Dogs are not the only ones who need physical and mental exercise.  Cats also require interaction, activity and your attention.  Remember, cats are hunters!  Games involving hunting, chasing and prowling using feathers, laser pointers, plush mice and other interactive toys can provide this kind of exercise.  Resolve to set aside 20 minutes a day to play with your cat using games to stimulate the mind and body.

–          Change it up!  Walking or running the same route day after day can begin to feel tedious.  Try finding new paths and exploring new neighborhoods.  But don’t stop there!  Make a decision to do a different activity with your Pet each week.  In the winter months, a snowy hike in the mountains can help you both clear the lungs and get the blood flowing.  As the weather gets warmer, try a swim in one of the many lakes and rivers in the area.  We are fortunate to live in a region where our options for outdoor activity are virtually limitless.  So, explore a forest trail, take a city hike, or go to the coast for a beach day!

What better time to resolve to provide the best possible care for our furry family members than the New Year?  Enrolling your Pets in Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program is the key to providing all-inclusive veterinary care (including preventative care, dental care, medications, emergencies, surgeries, etc.), high-quality Pet food delivered directly to your home and behavioral training that will benefit you and your Pet for a lifetime.

To learn more about how you can enroll your Pets into Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program, or to meet some of the wonderful Hannah Pets who are looking for loving forever homes, please visit our Placement Centers at Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square Mall.

Give the Gift of Lifetime Care to a Pet in Need


Winston2JewelyWinston has a wish this holiday season: a loving family to play with, love and rely upon for years to come.


Jewely has a very special Christmas wish as well.  She’s asked Santa for a safe home and a loving Pet parent, who will care for her and provide her with a lifetime of care.


Winston, a sweet, fun and playful Yorkie puppy, is 7 months old, neutered, and would be a wonderful companion to a loving family.  While Winston loves the friends he’s made at Hannah, it’s time for him to find his forever home.  If you’ve been thinking about adding some love to your family, Winston is your guy.


A lap dog in every way, Winston is great with other dogs, cats and of course, people.  His Christmas wish is to go home with a family that will provide him with not only love and affection, but also a routine of daily exercise and play.  And like all dogs, Winston needs a Pet parent who will take the time and have the patience to train him, utilizing Hannah’s training courses and consulting with our team of behavior professional.


Now let’s talk about Jewely.  When her family’s circumstances changed, Jewely came to Hannah as a surrender.  She’s a year and a half old, spayed domestic short-hair.  You’ll always know Jewely by her tail, half of which was lost early in her life after an injury.  But it’s her personality that really sets Jewely apart.  She’s the kind of kitty who rules the roost.  While she’s adaptable to living with other Pets, her Christmas wish is to be your one and only in a single-Pet household.


When you meet these incredible Pets you’ll agree that it’s time for them to find that perfect loving, forever home.  Maybe yours!  And while the best part of living with these furry family members is the love and companionship you’ll provide to each other for years to come, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program.


For a low monthly fee, Hannah members enjoy lifetime behavioral support by our team of Pet behavior professionals, as well as an all-inclusive health-care package (including spaying, neutering, vaccinations, preventative care, dentals, meds, emergency care and surgeries) and food delivered directly to your home.


To learn more about how you can enroll your Pets into Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care program, or to meet some of the wonderful Hannah Pets who are looking for loving forever homes, please visit our Placement Centers at Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square Mall.